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LAN PARTY Thread!!!!! Post your event.
Maha Guru
Bodar's Avatar
Videocard: Lots of Fermi'zzzz
Processor: Intel
Mainboard: Evga/Asus/MSI/Gigabyte
Memory: Corsair / Kingston
Soundcard: 7.1 surround sound
PSU: 3550 watts total
Default LAN PARTY Thread!!!!! Post your event. - 11-08-2009, 10:15 | posts: 2,396 | Location: Austin

So, My friends on here.. If you guys are ever hosting a lan, or have an event going on... Post it here.. I have a few every couple of months with my local friends and would love to have you guys join... Does'nt matter what game.. Just post the time/day when you will be rockin it and hopefully one of us will be down to chat and kick some as* cheers!!! -B
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Don Quixote
Cybermancer's Avatar
Videocard: BFG GTX260OC (192 SP)
Processor: Intel E8400 @ 3.6 GHz
Mainboard: XFX 680i LT
Memory: 6 GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400
Soundcard: X-Fi
PSU: PC Power & Cooling 750W
Default 11-08-2009, 15:54 | posts: 13,801 | Location: Cyberspace

Thread moved to:

Guru of 3D Clan

Great idea, though, Bodar.
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Ancient Guru
Corrupt^'s Avatar
Videocard: ASUS 1080GTX STRIX
Processor: Core i7 5820K
Mainboard: ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1
Memory: Kingston HypX 16GB 3Ghz
Soundcard: Essence STXII Senn. HD650
PSU: Super Flower 1200W
Default 11-08-2009, 20:41 | posts: 6,596 | Location: Belgium

I don't really do small LANS with friends but I will probably attend ISeries @ summer if my current team is still alive by then:
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Member Guru
Juicy8504's Avatar
Videocard: HD4870 (RIP 8800GTX)
Processor: Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.7
Mainboard: GA-MA78GM-US2H
Memory: 4GB Cruical 4-4-4-12
Soundcard: Creative F-Xi Gamer
PSU: Silverstone OP750 60A/12v
Default 11-09-2009, 16:30 | posts: 122 | Location: The Pancake State

2nd Saturday of every month. Completely free, and we are now averaging over 100ppl
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Master Guru
pieisgood's Avatar
Videocard: 4870 512mb
Processor: phenom 940
Mainboard: ASUS
Memory: ddr2 1066 4gb
Soundcard: creative live! 24bit/onbo
PSU: 700w corsair
Default 11-15-2009, 11:55 | posts: 671 | Location: michigan

Anyone in the Ann Arbor Michigan interested in attending small weekly lans at my place?
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Maha Guru
Bodar's Avatar
Videocard: Lots of Fermi'zzzz
Processor: Intel
Mainboard: Evga/Asus/MSI/Gigabyte
Memory: Corsair / Kingston
Soundcard: 7.1 surround sound
PSU: 3550 watts total
Default 11-16-2009, 07:08 | posts: 2,396 | Location: Austin

Lets do a modern warfare 2 lan bros!!!
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Master Guru
Ajoobajabajeeba's Avatar
Videocard: Palit 465
Processor: I7 930 4.0Ghz/Corsair H50
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-DS3R
Memory: 6GBGskl1600@6-7-6-20-1t
Soundcard: XFI XTRM GMR/LGTCH Z5500s
PSU: OCZ 700w Modular
Default 12-02-2009, 05:50 | posts: 306 | Location: Washington State

Anyone in the Tacoma, WA down for some lannage?
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Videocard: EVGA GeForce GTX 285
Processor: Phenom II X4 955
Mainboard: ASUS M4A79T Deluxe
PSU: Thermaltake 1200w
Default 12-02-2009, 21:50 | posts: 3 | Location: Austin, TX

Here's an Austin LAN:
click on bottom of page for details
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Videocard: Gigabyte GTS450 OC in SLI
Processor: Core i7 3.4GHz + H70
Mainboard: ASUS Rampage II Extreme
Memory: 6GB Dominator GT 1395MHz
Soundcard: SB X-Fi MB + 5.1 HD
PSU: 750W Silencer
Default 12-14-2009, 17:28 | posts: 525 | Location: Adelaide Airfield in a Holden

I had a LAN with my mum a while back across the halls in our house so I don't think it's upcoming, but I may do it again@! I used FPS Creator Dx9 version across a Vista PC and an XP PC which she was using and we ran around in an open ceiling dungeon and chatted a while before she broke loose and started shooting at me!! I don't know what was wrong with her rly.
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Maha Guru
sk8zophrenia's Avatar
Videocard: Palit GeForce GTX570 oc'd
Processor: Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.8Ghz
Mainboard: ASUS ROG CrosshairII 780a
Memory: Corsair Dominator 4g 1066
Soundcard: Audigy + Roccat Kave 5.1
PSU: CoolerMaster M850 modular
Default 12-14-2009, 17:46 | posts: 2,321 | Location: Malaysia / Russia

Originally Posted by Bodar View Post
Lets do a modern warfare 2 lan bros!!!
how is this even possible? i read somewhere that there was a mw2 tourney but to it was difficult process as to connect 2 specific teams to fight against, that turned out disaster.

i participating cs 1.6 with my team, a tourney among malaysian students here, but date is not yet confirmed. hopefully asap coz exam is coming.
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