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Laptops & Notebooks They’re completely portable, and they use less power and make less noise than desktop models. But what if you have questions ?

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Default 01-28-2010, 22:51 | posts: 9 | Location: Lithuania

I have Asus and recomend Asus Good price, but not as good quality....
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Default 02-28-2010, 09:43 | posts: 1,565 | Location: West Allis, Wisconsin

I currently have the Asus G73, and it's pretty decent. I said decent because even though it's a powerhouse for laptop, still can't touch my main PC. Then again it's a pain to drag my PC around anywhere, lol. The warranty is great, 2 years and 1 year accidental sealed the deal for me.
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Default 04-27-2010, 02:56 | posts: 9,445 | Location: Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

Recently bought an Alienware M11x machine. Very solid and fast as well. Battery lasts about 7 hours with max savings and to top it all you can OC the CPU from the BIOS as well.

Yeah i know its an Alienware but this one is actually worth the money for a portable 11.6 inch that can play Crysis on Medium settings and have a long battery life.

Oh and yeah doing a review later on so wait for it.
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Videocard: 820M/2GB
Processor: i7 4510U
Mainboard: Asus R510LDV
Memory: DDR3/8GB
Soundcard: MiniMax DAC Supr, UMC-200
PSU: Li-ion
Default 04-27-2010, 12:29 | posts: 2,760 | Location: Belgium

Aldi supermarket.
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Default 04-29-2010, 15:12 | posts: 431

I don't have one yet but MSI caught my eye on their GE600 budget gaming laptop that's $899 on Newegg getting one in June.
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Maha Guru
Videocard: Palit GTX970 4GB
Processor: I7 5820K @4.5Ghz H100
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PSU: OCZ ModXtreme Pro 600W
Default 04-29-2010, 19:07 | posts: 1,874 | Location: London

Not quite the real IBM deal, but IMHO the only laptop worth buying is a Thinkpad (X series if possible)

My day to day laptop is a X31, 4 years old, 2GB ram and a new disk + Win7 runs like a dream if you don't want games.
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Videocard: XFX HD5870
Processor: i5 750
Mainboard: Asus P7P55D Pro
Memory: 8GB G.Skill DDR3 1333mhz
Soundcard: Creative X-Fi Titanium
PSU: Corsair HX620
Default 07-02-2010, 19:21 | posts: 1,324 | Location: On a hill.

I've owned an Acer Travelmate, which I got back in 2006 and still works. I've had a Gateway FX gaming laptop that I got over a year ago and still works. Right now I have a Lenovo and I love it.

So I can recommend:

Haven't had problems with any of them.
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Videocard: 4GB Nvidia GTX 960M
Processor: Core i5-6300HQ
Mainboard: Dell
Memory: 12GB G.Skill DDR3L 1600
Soundcard: Onboard
PSU: 130w PSU
Default 11-29-2010, 22:00 | posts: 232 | Location: Tallahassee, FL

Toshiba is quickly rising with the masses. Their Qosmio series looks promising and the pricing is as good as any other manufacturer.
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Memory: Corsair 16GB
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Default Laptops - 12-05-2010, 20:35 | posts: 194 | Location: Fremont,Ca.

Don't laugh, but my is a HP 15.4 Dv6225 AMD Turion 64X2/ 2GBMemory.
Nvidia Go 6150 GPU, plugit in my 50" Panasonic Plasma, and looking good.
I have had it about 4yrs. the only thing that went out on it was the WiFi, would got 200.00 to fix it, so I use a USB WiFI adpater with short antena built on it, works great.
Still a keeper on the L/T, I love my Desktop, mainly I use, and a Touc iPod 16GB.
Oh! Laptop was a sell price bought for $699.99, of course there are better L/T now with Hdmi, and better GPU, and proccesors for about what I paid for mine.
I'll wait until L/T take a complete burn out till I get another one.
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Maha Guru
Videocard: GTX 770 FTW 4gb w/bkplate
Processor: i7 965 @ 4
Mainboard: Rampage II Extreme
Memory: Corsair 2000 mhz
Soundcard: SupremeFX
PSU: HX1000w
Exclamation 02-16-2011, 23:37 | posts: 1,510 | Location: right here

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Videocard: 2xGTX680M 4GB
Processor: Intel Sandy i7 3820QM
Mainboard: CLEVO P370EM
Memory: 16GB DDR3
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Omni 5.1
PSU: Laptop 300W PSU
Thumbs up 05-16-2011, 13:07 | posts: 157

i got a Sager laptop . and its fantastic.
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Videocard: Gigabyte GTX570 1280mb
Processor: I5 4670k
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H
Memory: 16GB DDR3 1333mhz
Soundcard: Realtek ALC892
PSU: 600w OCZ StealthXstream
Default 05-16-2011, 18:59 | posts: 9,983

My Netbook is Acer and has survived two years so far without a single problem, despite touring the world thrown in a back pack and been taken to uni in a backpack daily.
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Don Cappuccino
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Default 05-19-2011, 06:20 | posts: 10,419 | Location: Get off my lawn

Just got a Lenovo Thinkpad T410s.
****ing awesome.
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Videocard: HD6870m 1gb
Processor: i7 2630qm
Mainboard: Alienware
Memory: 8gb DDR3
Soundcard: IDT
PSU: Alienware
Default 07-09-2011, 06:09 | posts: 50 | Location: Houston,TX

This is ALienware m17xr3 is my desktop replacement since my i7 desktop that ive had posted in the rig gallery forums for a while now, was stolen . SO far its been very good.

2x320 R0
1gb 6870m
DVD Burner since HTPC has blu-ray.
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Videocard: GTX970 G1 SLI
Processor: i7 5930k
Mainboard: Rampage V Extreme
Memory: 32GB 2400mhz
Soundcard: Titanium Fatal1tyPro
PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 850W
Default 07-14-2011, 11:35 | posts: 306 | Location: Australia

never get HP or COMPAQ (they are the same thing)


- worst build quality
- worst customer support and maintenance
- really bad hardware configurations
- uses cheap hardware, mostly seen in RAM and harddrive
- really bad and useless pre-installed HP-branded software
- crap looks
- what else?
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Videocard: 970GTX
Processor: 2500K @ 4.4 / 1.28v
Mainboard: Z77P-D3
Memory: 8gb 1600 CL9
Soundcard: Xonar DG
PSU: AC Strike-X 600W
Default 07-14-2011, 12:19 | posts: 4,553 | Location: Spain

I have a sony vaio which i didnt buy (company gift).

Its good, 2years working fine and battery still 90% life (only lost 10% capacity). ALtho i had to change default fan because it was broken (changed it manually, didnt want to bother company)

Personally maybe i would go with asus.
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Videocard: HIS HD4870/Samsung2343BWX
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Mainboard: Asus P6T X58, Xfire 2X16
Memory: Gskill PC3-1333 6gig kit
Soundcard: Auzen X-Plosion/Z5500's
PSU: PC P&Cooling Quad Silence
Default 07-14-2011, 13:48 | posts: 4,813 | Location: Canada

Originally Posted by p0ppa View Post
never get HP or COMPAQ (they are the same thing)


- worst build quality
- worst customer support and maintenance
- really bad hardware configurations
- uses cheap hardware, mostly seen in RAM and harddrive
- really bad and useless pre-installed HP-branded software
- crap looks
- what else?
They make great doorstops; but a tad expensive for a doorstop.
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Maha Guru
Videocard: GTX 680M
Processor: i7 3630QM
Mainboard: MSI
Memory: 16 GB
PSU: 180+ min battery
Default 07-14-2011, 17:52 | posts: 836 | Location: finland

Pah, the business Compaqs are decent but ugly and pricey. Mine did quite well, no problems.
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Don Cappuccino
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Videocard: old
Processor: slow
PSU: small
Default 08-03-2011, 10:05 | posts: 10,419 | Location: Get off my lawn

I got a thinkpad T410s a few months ago (it is now discontinued) I got it on sale, has a Arrandale i5 rather than Sandy bridge and a nvs 3100m. Nothing special on the inside, but I am impressed with the packaging. This is my second T series notebook. They are just so well built and designed. Even the keyboard clearly has thought behind it.

While shopping it has become pretty clear to me that no one but Apple and Lenovo are really designing notebooks rather than putting some stickers on generic designs. The lenovos really are worth the premium. This thing is built like a tank.
I almost bought a macbook air, but the performance just wasn't there as they were core2 only then.
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Videocard: Cirrus Logic GD5430 1Meg
Processor: Cyrix 133 MHz
Mainboard: OEM
Memory: 8MB FPM DRAM
Soundcard: Sound Blaster 16
PSU: 150 Watt AT
Default 08-03-2011, 15:00 | posts: 742 | Location: Tonawanda


Latitude 100L P4 2.8Ghz (little power house) 6+ years and still used and original battery still holds a good charge.

Vostro 1400 Core 2 Duo 1.4Ghz (Wife's)

Inspiron 1720 Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz (Dual 500GB HDD)

Last edited by mmicrosysm; 08-03-2011 at 16:08.
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Maha Guru
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Videocard: Intel Iris Graphics 6100
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz
Mainboard: Apple
Memory: 8GB LPDDR3
PSU: Builtin
Default 09-03-2011, 09:01 | posts: 805 | Location: Saigon, Vietnam

Got 3 laptops and a netbook lol

Apple Macbook Pro early 2008
Lenovo Thinkpad R60

Toshiba L510 (for my wife)
Gateway LT20 (for my daughter)

and a dead HP zv5000 if it count.

Last edited by dzutrinh; 09-03-2011 at 09:04.
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Videocard: Ati 5770
Processor: i5 750 @ 2.66ghz
Mainboard: Gigabyte H55M UD2H
Memory: 4gb Kingston
Soundcard: Creative Sound Technology
PSU: Andyson f500m
Default 10-29-2011, 15:10 | posts: 30

Asus, ibm, sony
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Maha Guru
Videocard: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 4g
Processor: AMD FX-6300 6 core
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2
Memory: Corsair XMS DDR3-1333 8gb
Soundcard: Realtek 7.1 integrated
PSU: LEPA 650 watt
Default 11-06-2011, 22:58 | posts: 1,818 | Location: Upstate NY

I happen to think HP builds excellent laptops. I have owned two so far and never had a problem with either one. They're sturdy, durable and give great performance for the buck. The first one was a Dv5215us model I got on clearance from Circuit City in 2006 for $699. I used it for everything, including gaming, until I bought my new one 3 months ago. I got it for $599 at Staples and I love it.Specs were/are:

Processor--AMD Turion64 ML-34 1.8ghz single core
Video-- Radeon Xpress200M with 128mb dedicated VRAM (not system RAM)
RAM-- 2gb PC2700 DDR
HDD-- Fujitsu 80gb IDE
Optical drive--DVD burner made by LG

Processor--AMD A8-3500M APU Quad core max 2.4ghz
Video--Radeon 6620G integrated in APU using 512mb of system RAM and able to use up to 3gb
RAM--6gb DDR3-1333 dual channel
HDD-- Hitachi 640gb SATA
Optical Drive--DVD burner and BluRay player

The new one plays Dead Island and DiRT3 in DX11 mode without a hitch on a mixture of medium and high settings. I totally disagree about HP having poor build quality and using cheap components. That has not been my experience at all. I can't vouch either way for the service support because quite simply, I've never had to use it. HP all the way for me. I would rate them above all other laptop makers except ASUS but in bang for the buck, they even beat them.

Last edited by Dch48; 11-06-2011 at 23:00.
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Videocard: Geforce 9800 BFG PCI-E
Processor: AMD 64x2(4200)
Mainboard: Asus A8N32-SLI deluxe
Memory: Dual DDR 2 Gig OZ
Soundcard: Soundblaster X-Fi Platuim
PSU: Kentek 1050W
Default 11-09-2011, 03:02 | posts: 86 | Location: Sask. Canada

Well I have to say I like my Panasonic tough book at work. I has taken a few odd bangs and dings. But As for Personal. I would say of its cost HP is a decent once you get ride of all the HP extra Software Crap and get over a few of there hardware glitch's. I had a HP 2910CA, I love it! But It had the Problem with the Heatsink Issue to the GPU, and If I would have gotten to it before i lost one of the resistor's off GPU. I would still have it. But I am ordering a HP C-50. I am not a big fan of those ATI Chipsets.

IBM- is over priced and there such a piece of crap and so limited.
Sony- is a Over Price HP..
Dell- is a poor grade laptop now and there support is pretty limited.
Acer is cheap but you get what you pay for with this one..
HP- is Descent
Alienware - Is Just for the Crazy ass Gamers. But Sold out too Dell.
ASUS is a close to the Acer but it bit more you get a bit more
ECS- wasn't bad laptop for its time.
Toshiba was another bad experience there laptop only last a Year max.
MSI - was another decent one.
And Stay away from E-Machines! There Just Ugly and nothing good comes from E-machine!!
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Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: DDR3/8GB
Soundcard: USB Headset
PSU: 750W 80+
Default 11-09-2011, 13:25 | posts: 74 | Location: Finland

Originally Posted by ThugRen View Post

...And Stay away from E-Machines! There Just Ugly and nothing good comes from E-machine!!

I bought an E-Machines e642g for 390€ a few months ago as a university laptop.

Upgraded it with an additional 4GB DDR3 1666mhz RAM (total 6GB) and an A-data SSD 64GB s596 turbo. It totally destroys every single laptop in my class, and they are running Macs, HP's, Asus, Acer and Dell, all in the 800€-1000€ pricerange.

I'm VERY satisfied with my e-machine, and i intend to stick with it for atleast 3 years.
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