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Another which Ryzen to buy
Videocard: EVGA GTX 970 SSC
Processor: Ryzen 1600X
Mainboard: MSI X370 Pro carbon
Memory: G.Skill 16gb 3200
Soundcard: Onboard Realtek
PSU: XFX 850
Default Another which Ryzen to buy - 05-27-2017, 00:05 | posts: 10

Hey all, I had an older intel system.
Xeon X5670 @ 4.4ghz
DDR3 @ 1600 7-8-7
GTX 970

I am wanting to go Ryzen, but I am undecided on whether to buy a 1600x or a 1700/x.

I have a new 4k monitor, and use the pc for:
Gaming (Diablo3, Forza Horizon 3, and some others,) FH3 is the most demanding game i play currently

I multitask a bit, always have a browser open with couple of tabs on 2nd monitor while gaming.

The 6 core xeon was usually enough for this, except for FH3, and honestly the 970 doesnt cut it for that game @4k either. But gfx upgrade will wait until Pascal2

So....Which Ryzen do I buy, I will likely hold onto the system 4+ years.
I WILL be ocing the cpu, I have an open loop with a tripple 120 rad and a MCP655 pump. Will be buying an EK supremacy EVO for the AMD chip.
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Videocard: MSI GTX970 4G
Processor: i5 2500k
Mainboard: P8Z68-V
Memory: Corsair Ven. 8GB
Soundcard: XonarDG+HD595
PSU: Corsair HX850
Default 05-27-2017, 02:31 | posts: 2,866 | Location: Ibaraki, Japan

1700 and good cooler. OC it if more power needed. 8 cores should be minimum for your upgrade.

AMD will release Ryzen 9 soon with even more cores.

I would strongly recommend to wait and see how ryzen 9 plays out. 10 / 12 cores might be more appealing for you.

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Videocard: EVGA GTX 970 SSC
Processor: Ryzen 1600X
Mainboard: MSI X370 Pro carbon
Memory: G.Skill 16gb 3200
Soundcard: Onboard Realtek
PSU: XFX 850
Default 06-06-2017, 22:01 | posts: 10

Reporting Back,

I ended up getting the 1600x, waifu said since shes going to need a new pc next year I should get the 1600x. I'll pass that onto her and get Ryzen 2.

I am quite surprised how fast this machine is compared to my x5670 @ 4.4ghz, considering I havent oc'd the ryzen yet.

While playing D3 @ 4k. My FPS is far more stable than with the aging xeon.

It handles all the multi-tasking that I do w/o issue.

I wish AMD had waited a quarter to release ryzen though. Teething issues....
The mainboard is slower to post than my X58 would, also unable to install windows on Raid 0 setup. Had to leave my ssd's in ahci to install windows. Hopefully that will get sorted out soon.
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Videocard: XFX RX 480 RS 4 GB
Processor: Ryzen 1700X
Mainboard: MSI X370Gaming Pro Carbon
Memory: DDR3-3733@3333 C15 16 GB
Soundcard: Onboard ALC1220 Nahimic 2
PSU: Enermax Platimax 750W
Default 06-07-2017, 10:01 | posts: 6,453 | Location: Australia

For performance mode RAID at least, it would make more sense to use M2 NVME SSD now. Theere is a major update coming shortly bios wise (all Ryzen bioses), hopefully it will boot quicker for you with it, as well as being able (hopefully) to edge more performance.
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