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Quality concerns
Maha Guru
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Default Quality concerns - 03-24-2017, 08:31 | posts: 1,345 | Location: Devon

So I have been looking to buy a new monitor. And as with all things I get completely obsessed with researching every aspect of them all. And therein is the problem. It seems buying a monitor these days is a complete nightmare, if the forums are anything to go by.

I was initially content with getting 2560x1440 for general use and gaming. Then I thought I might splash out on 3440x1440. But there doesn't seem to be anything, in either of those categories that isn't plagued with issues of some kind or another.

Samsung's cf791 got me excited as the specs and apparently gorgeous picture quality sounded good to me. However digging deeper I've found allot of people encountering horrific smearing and ghosting at times. Many saying that this us just how va tech is....bummer. seemed perfect.

Asus PG279Q ticked allot of boxes too in the lower res category for me but yet again, digging deeper has all but scared me away from ips. The severe bleed and reports of yellowish hue beeming off the edges. Many having to rma 3/4 times to get one that is livable.

And TN appears to be a write off in 2017 according to the internet unless you happen to be a pro gamer getting paid to do it.

So my question is. Are there any good monitors available without flaws? Seems a reasonable request considering the frankly criminal prices of these tiny screens (looking at what Tv's you can get this year)

Or is it genuinely a minority of people getting faulty screens and blowing it out of proportion on forums? Because honestly I'm getting to the point where I'm too scared to sink 800 into a monitor full of weird quirks which to me personally is not worth. And just sticking with the pos I got for 40 a year ago.

(For clarity I am not a hard-core gamer, but spend ALLOT of time in LOL, and a little BF1, Witcher3 and overwatch)

Edit: specs down below are not up to date. 980ti and skylake now.nothing too flashy.


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Default 03-24-2017, 08:57 | posts: 6,448 | Location: Australia

1920x1080 is the main market for monitors including by those whom play games, thus why 1920x1080 is where companies are currently focussing their main products. Now that better performing video cards and CPUs' are available, combined with more efficient API's such as DirectX 12 and Vulkan, we may start to see 2560x1440 monitors become more competitive. Basically the price of 2560x1440 monitors should start coming down this year, as well as refinement in display technology.

Since you're not an avid gamer I would focus more on getting the best value from the monior. Focussing on good refresh rate, G-sync for you since you can't do Freesync, and a modern VA panel maybe curved if that interests you. VA panels tend to have the best balance of response time, colour reproduction, and have the best native contrast ratio.

I would therefore recommend a monitor that doesn't cost 800, but is still decent enough. Later on you can look at 2560x1440 once the prices settle and they have the features that you want. I wouldn't go for one of those cheap 2560x1440 that have been floating around for years, people do like them because they're cheap but the problems they have in terms of picture quality (and quality in general) far exceeds any issues with those known brand 2560x1440's. Remember expectation is both linked to brands and the price, therefore people may seemingly rate the more expensive models poorly in comparison to the cheap monitors simply because for 800 they expect it to be essentially perfect.

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Processor: Intel Core i7-3610QM
Mainboard: Samsung
Memory: 16GB
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Default 03-24-2017, 13:54 | posts: 1,345 | Location: Devon

Thanks for the reply.

That's interesting. I had assumed that most enthusiasts were ditching 1080p in favour of the higher resolutuons.
So your recommendation is to stay at 1080p for now then. What in your opinion is the best 1080p monitor?

I'm still thinking on my first posts gripes though. If anyone can hit me with some first hand knowledge bombs that would be great. As in....are all these expensive monitors blurry/smeary/stuttery light bleeding nightmares the forums make them out to be or are they actually what they promise.
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Default 03-24-2017, 14:11 | posts: 2,865 | Location: Ibaraki, Japan

Faster paced games like BF1 / CS:GO feels much better on higher refresh panels. Dota also felt much smoother on 96hz panel than 60hz. LoL probably gonna feel the same.

TN panels quality got better, and if you using it alone while facing it directly there no much drawbacks. So it could work just fine.

Panels like MG278Q are still in demand. G-Sync is not really needed if you can stabilize your frames.

If you still gaming, go for 1440@144hz panel. If you can invest, try GSync. It will help to get smooth image without bothering to find sweet video settings spot.
Just throwing some ideas. Lemme know what you think about going for higher refreshrates.

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Default 03-24-2017, 14:49 | posts: 1,156

I have a 1440p IPS, but only because I was able to get it for cheap. It's an XG2703-GS. Like the Asus, it's way too expensive to buy at normal price.

Quality-wise, there's no comparison to TN. Better image all around. Also, there's no ghosting at all. With my TNs there's was at least some ghosting (a bit of ghosting on my 60Hz TN, much worse ghosting on my 144Hz TN.) Which is weird since IPS is assumed to have more ghosting than TN. I suppose that's because of the excellent overdrive implementation that the g-sync module is doing. No idea what they did, but motion is crystal clear with no "trails" behind moving objects or lines appearing a bit "fat" while they're moving, or any other artifacts.

But there seem to be quality control or manufacturing issues with all these high refresh IPS 1440p monitors. No issues here (no yellow corners, no dead pixels, backlight bleed is only a little worse than my TNs) but many people have reported they got bad units.

As for 1080p, I have both a 23" and 27", both 1080p. The 27" is OK when it comes to sharpness. And "OK" means just that. It's not really good, but not really bad either. It's fine for games and movies. It's text while browsing or in other applications where the low PPI shows. In general, if you decide to go 27" 1080p, it should be fine in games, and OK on the desktop if you don't look at the image too closely.

As for G-Sync, it's awesome. It had the same effect as going from 60Hz to 100+Hz. Once you get used to it, playing without it just sucks. For example, it always annoyed me to no end when in Witcher 3 for example, I was playing at 85Hz and tweaked the game's graphics so that I get at least 85FPS in most situations, but suddenly I go to an area in the game that results in 75-80FPS fluctuations (like Novigrad.) Just 5-10FPS lower than refresh, but that's more then enough to cause stutter all over the place. G-Sync solved that once and for all, plus there's no input lag (lag feels like vsync off).

So my final thoughts on it: for the full price, these 144Hz/165Hz 1440p IPS monitors are IMO not worth it. I would even call them a rip-off. If you can find someone who can source it cheaper, it's probably worth it. However, a good return policy is a must in case you get the dreaded issue of dead pixels or yellow tint on the sides or corners.

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Default 03-24-2017, 21:39 | posts: 1,042 | Location: Jacksonville, Florida

I am very happy with my Acer 34" predator g-sync 3440 x 1440 monitor @ 100 refresh. This, IMHO, should fulfill all expectations.

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Default 06-04-2017, 01:06 | posts: 61 | Location: Germany

I have the NEC PA302W
Very expensive, but the quality - there is no words to describe how good it is. A complete else world. It has just 60hz though. At that time there were only korean monitors with IPS and more than 60hz at 2560x1600.
But still nowadays I dont think there is any monitor which gives the same quality as this NEC with a higher refreshrate, so I have to live with 60hz.

I never had 1080p though.
First TFT monitor was a 19" with 1280x1024 and the next one was a 27" with 2048x1152. And now this NEC 30" with 2560x1600.
I left 1080p completely out
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