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Default 03-20-2017, 06:53 | posts: 3,801 | Location: UK

Originally Posted by airbud7 View Post
I was lucky to have mom and daddy that were there...My daddy died this past november...I miss him every day.
Sorry to hear that bud, you wont stop missing them, but in time the tears will be for happy memories.

Only thing i miss abut being a kid are all those gone who were there when you were young, i would love to chat to them now as a grown adult, would be amazing.

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Default 03-20-2017, 07:08 | posts: 9,998

'member being a kid? That was fantastic!

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Default 03-20-2017, 15:01 | posts: 1,019 | Location: Imagination Land

I don't miss being a kid.I see the world for what it truly is.It has lost it's enchantment for me I'm afraid.Well, until I learn how to use alchemy that is.

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Default 03-20-2017, 17:25 | posts: 372 | Location: NJ USA

Originally Posted by airbud7 View Post
I was lucky to have mom and daddy that were there...My daddy died this past november...I miss him every day.
I am sorry.
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Default 03-20-2017, 22:09 | posts: 1,437 | Location: >.>

I got my first decent enough full-time job 4 months after graduating Uni last June at age 22.

Now I really wish I could go back to when I was job hunting! >.<

The only plus side was that I could finally upgrade my potato GPU and CPU!
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Default 03-20-2017, 22:16 | posts: 706 | Location: Good-food-land

Originally Posted by Geryboy View Post
grow up bitch and improve yourself!
This is one of the basis of our **** society.
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Default 03-28-2017, 23:53 | posts: 8,273 | Location: London, United Kingdom

StewieTech, you STILL are a kid, just a BIG kid, like many of us. Keep smiling and be happy
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Default 03-29-2017, 14:52 | posts: 2,056 | Location: Chicago

I miss childhood to a certain point. I think it's natural.

I miss not having a mortgage. I miss super nintendo. I miss cell phones not running everyone's lives. I miss Wrestlefest at the arcade, I miss wrestling from the early 90's.

Everyone cherishes that. Like...I see a revisionist history. Example; people younger than me think n64 was the greatest system ever. It was a flop. It was the system that forced devs to jump to Sony PsOne. Square took FF7 to PsOne etc. It was the start of Nintendo's 3rd party drought that continues today. But to people that are about 5-8 years younger than me? That system is magic. For me? That's snes. And for people older than me, it's nes, or coleco vision, etc. It's perspective and a certain age.

Now on the flip side, we also romanticize our past. As easily as I can think of those fond memories, I can also remember my mom being beaten by her alcoholic boyfriend and me at 6 staying up until 2 or 3 am worried for her (I'd run out there and beg him to leave her alone when he started and he would). I was bullied horribly in high school, I went to a high school that was 85% african american and they made sure to give my white ass a hard time. A very, very hard time. My mom died of an extremely rare cancer at 41. I was 19.

So with the good there is bad. If I just want to focus on video games and simpler times, I miss it. Overall? Nope. I don't want to relive half the crap I've seen, unfortunately.
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Default 03-29-2017, 21:56 | posts: 21 | Location: Nebraska

the end began when you wrote this post; grow up and act how you want to act, child or otherwise.
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Default 03-30-2017, 11:44 | posts: 5,341 | Location: England

few things i miss like not paying taxes and being able to play football until 10 at night.

But things are so much better being an adult
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Default 03-30-2017, 12:13 | posts: 215 | Location: UK

I have a lot more toys now than I did as a kid......

I am also semi retired in my 40's and divorced, lol
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