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XP 32- or 64-bit faster for old 3DMark?
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Question XP 32- or 64-bit faster for old 3DMark? - 06-16-2016, 14:56 | posts: 46

Hi, guys.

Is XP 32- or XP 64-bit faster for 3DMark2001, 03...?
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Default 09-08-2016, 21:41 | posts: 102 | Location: Atlanta

have no idea how to answer your question......BUT... I loved and still very much miss my old XP64 OS days.. Best OS ever!
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Default 09-09-2016, 02:41 | posts: 6,448 | Location: Australia

XP64 was based off Server 2003 code, which was a later version of Windows (5.2, XP was 5.1). You could convert Server 2003 into XP, all the stuff was there including the boot screen. It was just faster and more reliable. This was right after 2003 was released, so before x64. At the time drivers were a bit of an issue. Intel also gave x64 a bad name since the Pentium 4 was retrofitted with 64-bit, not designed for it. The result was that on Pentiums 64-bit was slower (faster on AMD, they did invent it and it was designed for that from the beginning). I think this held back 64-bit adoption drastically.
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Default 09-09-2016, 07:07 | posts: 950

Here is a page with some 3dmark 01/03/05 benches.
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