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Giving up smoking - anyone else doing the same?
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Default Giving up smoking - anyone else doing the same? - 02-27-2017, 23:41 | posts: 239 | Location: Redland Bay Australia

Hey Guys,

On a non-hardware related issue I've been trying to give up smoking. It's F***ing hard. I have post traumatic stress disorder and everything is ok when I'm not under any stress, but as soon as the SH** hits the fan, the first thing I do is reach for a smoke.

Is anyone else going through this? Anyone got any tips on how to stop cravings when under stress?I usually listen to music or try to OC pc a little bit more, usually doesn't work but it keeps me occupied!

Thanks all,


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Default 02-27-2017, 23:49 | posts: 26 | Location: NJ

Gave up smoking (1.5-2 packs per day) about 6 years ago.

I'm not going to lie, it sucks. The first 3 weeks are the killer. It's actually proven that the habit/physical addiction is gone after 21 days.

I actually started chewing nicotine gum because work paid for it, but it tastes like battery acid, so I had to eat 2-3 pieces of regular gum along with it to mask the taste.

Know what the best feeling in the world is though? After about a month, you're going to start coughing in your morning shower. Really bad. And you're going to be spitting out blackish phlegm. It's your lungs healing. Savor that. Because a week or two from when it starts? You're going to actually notice how much easier you breathe. How much better the air tastes. How your chest doesn't tighten when you take a deep breath. The coughing will stop after a few. The feeling you get from breathing easier will NEVER leave you. You'll always notice.

That being said... You'll always crave them. Just not as bad, and not as often. The smell of cigarettes literally disgusts me now, but I'll be damned if I don't get 30 seconds of craving once a month, after a great meal. Or with my morning coffee. But you shrug, you ignore it for half a minute, and you won't think about it again.

So yeah. You did the hard part already. You started. It's smooth sailing from here on out, just stay the course.
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Default 02-28-2017, 00:41 | posts: 6,596 | Location: Belgium

For me the hard part starts past 21 days. Then the good old fashioned chronic depression kicks in (idk why, half of my family suffers from depressions and other psychological conditions, I'm by far the most stable).
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Default 02-28-2017, 00:46 | posts: 4,276 | Location: Beech Island SC,USA

Originally Posted by nateluthje View Post
Hey Guys,

On a non-hardware related issue I've been trying to give up smoking. It's F***ing hard. I have post traumatic stress disorder and everything is ok when I'm not under any stress, but as soon as the SH** hits the fan, the first thing I do is reach for a smoke.

Is anyone else going through this? Anyone got any tips on how to stop cravings when under stress?I usually listen to music or try to OC pc a little bit more, usually doesn't work but it keeps me occupied!

Thanks all,



I feel ya bro....I like beer and thats my downfall as far as quitting 100%...
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Default 02-28-2017, 01:06 | posts: 570 | Location: southern California, U.S.

I would always smoke when I get stressed. I still want to dont get me wrong, but I had to find an outlet for it. When it gets really bad and I get that need for a smoke I usually pop out some pushups 20+ to get my mind off of it and that is what works for me.
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Default 03-02-2017, 00:36 | posts: 6,459 | Location: Oregon

Good luck! Rooting for you!
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Default 03-02-2017, 13:08 | posts: 104 | Location: Bulgaria

I went through this 4+ years ago, after 15 years of smoking. It was hard and I gained alot of weight I still can't lose.
However it is still the best decision I ever made and went through with. The weight and the side effects of the special pills I used where/are a b*tch but is so worth it. Not only the air, EVERYTHING tastes better and feels better now.
There are many ways to go when quitting, find the one that works for you and stick with it. I used the pills because I liked smoking, but on the fifth day with the pills litghing a smoke made me sick, literally. That was the last time I tried.
I have been having the craving once and a while, after a good meal, as someone said, or with a cold beer or two, but once you get rid of the habit you realise how truely stupid it is.
Good luck with it.
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Default 03-03-2017, 21:09 | posts: 76 | Location: No Man's Land, TX

I have been smoking since 14 year old and i quitted at 28 year old. Dude, with cold turkey and it is very brutal for me. i couldn't sleep and being myself for a year and i mean literally a year!!! After that, i feel being free and be myself again.

It take more than just balls to do it. I mean beyond that cuz most of my friends are still smoking and couldn't quit. If you want to quit then you will get there.
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Default 03-04-2017, 04:42 | posts: 30 | Location: luv my acres

Just started on the quitting road myself.
I've been smoking for 40 odd years and have never been able to kick the habit. A couple of days in and I'd start to go stark raving mad until family begged me back onto them and truth be told there was no way I could continue. I seem to be one of those people who is hard core addicted to nicotine. My siblings appear to suffer the same fate. Yet none of us show addictive personalities with any other substances - weird.

Anyhow my saviour appears to be an e-cigarette. I will not claim victory yet, I still have one in the morning and one at night and when I do I ask myself why as I really don't want it.
Whether or not I can wean myself off nicotine altogether time will tell, but truly an e-cigarette is a great alternative, you still get the nicotine but all the nasty stuff from smokes isn't there. Yes the cough has begun.
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Default 03-04-2017, 08:12 | posts: 2,886 | Location: far,far from home

I've quit 10 years ago.Best.decision.ever. Still hating for beggining to smoke in the first place, but it was the price of bonding with friends and being included.
It was hard? It was.
Is it worth it? A thousand time YES.
Keep your eyes on the finishing line, not on what is now happening to you.If it is hard, then you are on the right track.
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Default 03-04-2017, 12:41 | posts: 1,949 | Location: Portugal

I quit cold turkey 11 months ago. First 5 months were a bitch, right now i feel as if i never smoked. Totally the best thing i ever did. Go for it.
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Default 03-04-2017, 16:30 | posts: 182 | Location: Belgium, West Flanders, Roeselare

I quit one day, never went back.
Just keep focus on other stuff then smoking.
This might sound whack, but I started with chewing on toothpicks.

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Default 03-04-2017, 22:28 | posts: 94 | Location: France


I've been thinking lately of quitting as well (1 pack a day for 6-7 years~), but the thing that scares me the most is the "I'm bored" smokes.
Those moments when you have nothing productive/entertaining to do, the smoke fills the gap quite well and I feel like this might be where the craving will be the worst.

Any thought about that ?
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Default 03-04-2017, 23:22 | posts: 43

A friend gave me a Vaper pipe on Dec 25 , along with of 2 bottles of crystal clear flavorless 2mg of E-Liquid Nicotine ,1 bottle lasts about a week , I have not smoked a cigarette since Dec 25 and today I went all day long with out the E-cigarette Vaper pipe. I'm done smoking , if I need to occupy my hands I drink water now , good luck. E-cigarette worked for me so far but monkey on back still pops up but ill resist from smoking drink water it helps with time wasting
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Default 03-07-2017, 15:10 | posts: 27 | Location:

been two years for me, i took up vaping instead, The biggest hardship with stopping smoking was the social aspect, you find yourself very lonely at the bar when everyone is outside smoking, the ecig provided a solution to this.
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Default 03-13-2017, 14:52 | posts: 57

First of all- forget that's very difficult and almost impossible. In fact it is easy.the most difficult things is after a while to not start smoking again.But for that case u have to solve yourself "Do i need this again?" I started smoking late in my 38 in hospital as i lied myself it kicked me out and it eased me for a while.But then it looked like a fun, it got busy hands, it's goes nicely with beer and etc.For 8 years i became The MR.Smoker with all kinds of negative consequences.And of course i understood it killing,degrading me and course tried quit smoking and was sure it is very difficult. Besides,i liked to relax with beer and all my struggle with smoking quited after couple of bottles and started smoking again. i got up to 3 packs of cigarette and although i have good physical conditions my vascular system start failed.So i began to think what do i do now.And i remembered about Allen Carr with "easy way to quit smoking".So i just readed it and got my own plan based on this genial book.My plan was:first of all- My decision to quit smoking cos it is very stupid,mortal,expensive and most of all that i was amazed with is so how i was so idiot to made myself put into my mouth and inhale stinkness lying to my mind tried to justify it. kinds "u know cigarete with black coffee just amazing at morning' and so kind of bla bla.So as i said my base was the book.For phisycal and mental conditions of retirement i was recommended pills called Champix and couple packages of Nicorete plasters.Nicorete is up to you,for me it is usefull but Champix was very effective.First days i used it as quick as i felt any thoughts of smoking but half of pill.But major action was my desicion based on the book.U know i practially felt no physical or mental suffers it was so easy and proudly that i so cool that it just a couple of spits for me to quit smoking. But be aware after 3-4 weeks u can feel yourself unhappy and u ll think it's so easy quit again and just one cigarete would be fine.NOOOO!!!it'll never happend u wiil be again Mr.Smoking.For quit smoking u have to understand why u do it.Understand clearly not by just u have to.I haven't been smoking almost year and i happy with that.I had pair of depression,temptations and nervous situations and my main irratation- beer, but always said and say to myself "How can it help u,how can that stinky smoke can make u happy? Just remember taste in morning and pain in vasculars" Nooooo.....And u know it's so easy not to smoke.It's all in your mind and u really didn't think of it clearly.Trust me it is very easy(i got 1.5-2 packs per day and everybody said u smoke too much u are addicted and i thought i deadman and now they ask how? I said "it's easy.Read Allen Carr.
P.S about Champix-u should ask a doctor.For me it comes nicely but if i took whole pill espacially for empty stomach it felt like vomit for couple minutes and some unpleasant feelings so read manual and visit a doctor. For me it came fine and it helps ease negative nicotin consequences.

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