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My card is about to die on me right?
Master Guru
Videocard: Sapphire R9-290 TRI-X
Processor: i5 4670k @ 3.8ghz
Mainboard: MSI z87-g43
Memory: 16gb ddr3 1600 pc12800
Soundcard: Creative audigy2zs, z5500
PSU: OCZ Fatality 750w
Default My card is about to die on me right? - 02-21-2017, 23:27 | posts: 252 | Location: amsterdam


Apparantly it goes away when I disable my secondary. Still means something failed I guess.

Apparantly this is the 150mhz memory dual screen bug, I installed and it seems to be fine, for now.

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Maha Guru
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Videocard: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX970
Processor: i5 2500k@4.4 GHZ.
Mainboard: Asus P8 z77 vl-k
Memory: Gskill 2x4GB 1600 DDR3
Soundcard: Onboard realtek
PSU: OCZ 1000 watt Z series
Default 02-22-2017, 05:35 | posts: 2,279 | Location: Langley,B.C. Canada

My 7870 did that for a while then secondary monitor went black and never came back
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Master Guru
Videocard: gigabyte waterforce 1080
Processor: i7 2600k @5 ghz ht h110i
Mainboard: asus p8z68v-pro
Memory: ddr3 /2133 /16gb
Soundcard: nvidias sound driver
PSU: superflower leadex 1000w
Default 02-22-2017, 06:31 | posts: 167 | Location: greece

check your cables
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Videocard: 1 bit of video ram pcie
Processor: 1 baby hertz single core
Mainboard: nano 1 mm wide mb
Memory: 1 bit of ram
Soundcard: 1 3/4 mm tweeters
PSU: 1 baby nano watt
Default 02-24-2017, 16:39 | posts: 130

If your video cables are fine your memory or even core diode has solder ball issues under the mpga chip.

You can send me a pm with your dumped gpuz bios .rom and we can mod it so it won't happen again or even prevent it all together...


Pull the beast, dismantle the cooling and all vrm pads/ etc... wrap the whole thing up in like 6 wraps of tin foil... use a razor to cut a square where the core diode is... heat oven to 375f possibly? (450f for old nvidia) make 4 tin foil balls on cookie sheet.. place gpu on foil balls core facing up. Then heat for 15min (when complete/ let sit and cool in the oven/ do not touch it for another 20min)... this time and temp are up in the air though on AMD... though the extra tin foil wraps prevent damage to caps. Then it should be working perfectly... Though a bios mod is highly advised to correct all the issues you are having.

Must know the clock it is running at and temperature at which point the lines appear on any/ all displays?
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