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The real problem behind Steam/Rivatuner Incompatibility...
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Default The real problem behind Steam/Rivatuner Incompatibility... - 10-28-2016, 23:53 | posts: 21

Originally Posted by Unwinder View Post
Delayed injection engine was initially added as a temporary "band-aid" feature, allowing users to use both MSI AB and Steam overlays until Valve developers whitelist other 64-bit overlays and adopt their overlay client to be able to co-exist with other overlays. However, that feature actually played bad role and caused Valve developers to sit and simply do nothing, seeing that AB and Steam overlays already able to co-exist somehow. At the same time it required rather annoying delay to be seen by all AB users, even those who absolutely don't need Steam overlay. Nothing was done from Valve side to remove that exclusivity check during 2 years (!!!) since introducing delayed engine, so it is time to solve that properly from Valve side at last. It is no longer enabled by default to make developers moving from that side.
Translation: you're butthurt that Valve isn't designing Steam to accommodate 3rd party software overlays, so you broke MSI Afterburner to prove a point, gambling that users would blame Valve instead of blaming you.

I understand why you're frustrated, but you became the ******* instead of the solution is when you took your issues out on the users instead of focusing that energy into resolving the problem with Valve. At this stage, they're more likely to contact MSI and ask them to pull your funding than contact Valve and ask them to change the way the Steam overlay works.

The second-to-last sentence above is a example of where you've misjudged the importance of MSI Afterburner. Based on a quick poll of about 30 online friends, nobody wants (or needs) to see diagnostic data during games' splash screens and menus. It's not relevant until you're loaded into the game. Idle temperatures, idle clocks, and idle voltages are just... pfft. They're not useful performance metrics. Instead of being useful, MSI Afterburner is simply annoying or distracting at these times.

There was actually a good idea that came out of my impromptu poll: instead of implementing a fixed time delay, we'd recommend an option to trigger the overlay when the GPU switches to 3D clockspeeds. If you wanted to get fancy, you could enable displays when parameters such as CPU load, GPU load, core clock frequency, power, or temperature exceeded user-defined thresholds, so that the amount of data displayed by Rivatuner is proportional to system performance margins.
Default 10-29-2016, 09:10 | posts: 13,122 | Location: Taganrog, Russia

Translation: stupidity, aggression, lack of understanding. I didn't broke anything, you easily can get it working after reading and thinking a bit. Thread is closed, one more posting in such tone and style will get your account banned.

Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator
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