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How do i cut the chord? I want streaming + DVR
Master Guru
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Default How do i cut the chord? I want streaming + DVR - 12-07-2015, 17:13 | posts: 274 | Location: California

I want to give Dish network the finger.

I've been eyeing this SlingTV for $20 a month, but there is no DVR functionality.

I know I can get an antenna and record with a roku for local channels, but what about all the digital stuff?

Im NEVER home and watch 99% of everything from a record.

Lets say for instance, I record the football game off a local channel from the antenna on a roku, but how would I watch something from say, the discovery channel at a later time?

is it kinda like "on demand" where I can (after the show aired) select, a show off discovery and watch the newest episode? Or is it simlply just streamed live and I have to physically be there to watch it?

its all so confusing, and gives me a lot of anxiety from cutting the chord. my contract is up in a few months so that gives me time to research and pick out my equipment.

help! or at least point me to the correct forum!
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Default 12-07-2015, 18:41 | posts: 7,097 | Location: Washington DC

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Default 12-15-2015, 18:13 | posts: 19,966 | Location: US East Coast


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Default 12-15-2015, 20:23 | posts: 1 | Location: GA

you may want to check out the Tivo OTA or Channel Master DVR+

Last edited by ss35th; 12-15-2015 at 20:26.
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Don Vincenzo
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Default 12-25-2015, 23:04 | posts: 13,113 | Location: Toledo Ohio

I thought sling had dvr...

If you want to keep it legal, you can build a dvr pc. You can use kodi, and a digital tuner for that.

If you want to go the realm of other ways, there are a lot of sources in kodi.

I do not have cable, and use kodi for dvr and channel guide on my alpha, and a couple of small am1 boxes I built. Works great!

Also helps to know people with some of the vod services like Netflix. I have Netflix, so I let my parents use it so let me use their Hulu and att uverse services, my sister has HBO and stars on demand so I have it.
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Default 06-23-2016, 14:30 | posts: 1,042 | Location: Miami

I am off the cable from last 2 years now. I got samsung HU8550 and an S805 android box that can run kodi.
Basically, youtube + hulu + netflix + kodi (for everything else).
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Maha Guru
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Default 06-30-2016, 04:51 | posts: 2,329 | Location: Dominican Republic

everything is recorded, channels just arbitrarily "air" things at certain hours, tv news are just some 30 second long shaky cam footage repeated a thousand times with a girl talking about it

after about a decade with no use for a tv i just threw mine away and bought a projector for my pc because i was tired of sitting at the desk, now this is what media consumption is supposed to be

if there's anything i have to be present at a certain hour to watch i just dont bother with it, see things like spaceX rocket landings, i can just watch it after it ends the live coverage, rewind it or whatever, thats how things should work
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Maha Guru
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Default 07-11-2016, 11:18 | posts: 2,089 | Location: Bremerton, WA USA (Go Mariners)

Cord-cutting sounds neat, but the part I can't figure out is sports.

Take Baseball, for instance. If I were to dump my TV provider and go internet only, I can buy the best Major League Baseball streaming package. Due to blackout policies, I could only watch the out-of-market games, not my home team because I live within the broadcast area of Root Sports Northwest, the channel that broadcasts all the Seattle Mariner games. If I lived anywhere else, it wouldn't be an issue. Same goes for any baseball fans who actually live near the team.

Baseball is so far behind the times with this.

The only option I'd have is which his better than nothing but those are all streaming in 240p/12FPS.
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Default 10-04-2016, 18:09 | posts: 4,898 | Location: united states

i watch a lot of cable tv here is the U.S like TNA on pop tv and wwe on USA network among discover channel and a few others that i record like amc walking dead and fear of walking dead can this be done with kodi? because i can get a hacked amazon firestick with kodi
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Videocard: XFX RX 470
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Mainboard: MSI B350 Tomahawk
Memory: Corsair DDR4-2666
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Z
PSU: Corsair CX750M
Default 10-07-2016, 00:43 | posts: 19,966 | Location: US East Coast

Playstation VUE is similar to SlingTV but looks to have better channel offerings and prices. When I was shopping around for Internet service, I was looking quite hard at Playstation VUE. It doesn't require a Playstation and there is an app available for the Amazon FireTV.

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