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Videocards - 3dfx How the mighty have fallen. Unfortunately the company is gone, but of course we still support the products. Use this forum to discuss anything concerning products using 3dfx chips from the Voodoo series.

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Default 03-19-2016, 17:55 | posts: 9,042 | Location: Indiana

Originally Posted by passenger View Post
Voodoo3 never had problem with sustaining 60fps in Glide games like Unreal/UT(except on slow cpu, of course), 3dfx Glide was the smoothest ride in PC history.
Show all the graphs you want but I did not have the latest, greatest MOBO, CPU or Ram and absolutely did not get no 60fps. You're just looking at best case scenario's but most gamer's in the real world don't get the optimal experiences that graphs show even today.
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Default 03-20-2016, 19:22 | posts: 233

You can get those 60fps on Voodoo3/4/5 in Glide in unreal/UT with midrange hardware like Celeron & Duron cpu's. I had Celeron 600 with Voodoo3 3500 and I had 60+ fps easily in Glide games.

3dfx Glide API is low-level api, less demanding and better looking than D3D. In that era 3dfx hardware was always faster and had better iq.
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Default 03-26-2016, 16:42 | posts: 575 | Location: Dover, NH USA

Originally Posted by boogieman View Post
Have fond memories of 3DFX. Still have on shelf two Voodoo 2's 12 meg'ers. Remember playing Unreal way back then and wow'd by the graphics.
That's exactly what I still have to this day albiet some newer components mixed in (new case, PS, SoundBlaster, brand new MB from back then that was never used until I bought it, etc.). I like 3DFX for Unreal, EAW, M1 Tank Platoon 2, StarSiege, etc.

Looking at the big picture and what we now have today, it makes you wonder if all the amazing tech back then was really meant to survive. I mean, the graphics tech we have today seems to be so advanced it makes the older stuff seem almost irrelevant or at least just a stepping stone so to speak.

Still, I wish 3DFX had been the leader to the present. Matrox wasn't bad either.

Incidently, you can still play Unreal on Win 7 (maybe later versions, too) using the amazing "Old Unreal" upgrade. You need the original game to do this. You get widescreen support and hi-res textures, the sequel and a lot of other goodies for tweaking the game.

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Default 05-27-2016, 18:08 | posts: 157 | Location: Arkansas

I have fond memories of 3DFX. The first individual piece of computer hardware I ever got was a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI as a birthday gift for my parents first computer, a packard bell with win 95. I was to scared to try and install it my self so we actually took it to a PC shop and had them do it. I learned shortly after how to do it my self. That's what got me into PC gaming I suppose. I remember being amazed by the difference when I ran Hexen II in glide mode.
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Default 06-01-2016, 15:28 | posts: 35 | Location: Newbury, UK.

Great article and very nostalgic. Please post more like this.

I had a Righteous3D plugged in on the VGA loop cable to a cheap ass Cirrus Logic 5446 (with 2MB framebuffer upgrade!)... and an AMD K6-2 CPU. Was a killer 3D gaming rig back then. Shortly after went for a Voodoo2 SLI to play Half-Life and Counterstrike Alpha/Beta in 1024x768! I never went the Voodoo3 route, I think I picked up an Nvidia TNT2 Ultra instead.
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