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Default 10-15-2014, 07:17 | posts: 102

casual japanese owners almost never service their cars , they usually hold em for 60.000kms and then trade them for new...

most imports and halfcuts have 100.000+km and still the same gearbox oil , battery , coolant etc

the best japanese imports i ever had where those used for street racing with light modifications etc.... even though the drivetrain had been abused , engine wise they were still better than those owned by casual drivers. A differential or gearbox overhauling costs less than a new engine...
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Don Cappuccino
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Default 10-16-2014, 00:26 | posts: 10,373 | Location: Not Minneapolis

Originally Posted by Pill Monster View Post
More research reveals strong argument from both sides over 300ZX reliability. Engine version and maintenance history seem to be an important factor..

Makes me wonder if the imports we got were poorly maintained by their original Japanese owners...
High performance (sometimes turbo charged) cars in mostly urban environments strikes me as a recipe for problems. The VG wasn't a bad motor generally.
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Tom F
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Default 10-16-2014, 22:08 | posts: 2,754 | Location: Gloucesterestershire

I think the issue is non-enthusiast owners in general.

High performance cars will be fine if looked after - but the average person who doesn't bother to ever change the oil and generally treats it with contempt is always going to be a recipe for badness.

Often hear it said that with a Wankel it needs to be caned regularly to burn **** off the apex seals - like Constant says, one that has been thrashed all the time but properly maintained would be a much better bet, I imagine.

I love the 300ZX. Would really like to own something like that, but the fuel costs here would be crippling. I imagine you're sub-20mpg most of the time

Old + Japanese + turbo = win. I can imagine that there's a lot to go wrong with those!

New rad on the 900 and now that and the Panda are doing alright with no looming disasters. First time in about 2 years that that has been the case

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