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best Android phone scanner?
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Default best Android phone scanner? - 05-08-2017, 01:56 | posts: 137 | Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Hey guys, so I pulled out my old galaxy note 2, and it's really slow and battery drains so fast. I've used "super touch" to speed it up a bit, but obviously the battery is still an issue with or without any kind of "battery saver" on (defeats the purpose of speeding it up too I guess), I've also replaced the battery . I guess what I'm getting at is, that whilst I'm at it, I wanna scan my phone for any kind of virus or Mal ware, what you guys suggest?
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Default 05-08-2017, 02:27 | posts: 114 | Location: Florida USA

Avast! makes a free antivirus for android (as I'm sure others do) that you can find on the play store. If you're more ambitious and comfortable with a little risk, you could just flash a custom ROM for it. Here's a good place to get started with that:

Sorry I can't recommend one, you'll just have to read up on the various releases and figure it out. If you have to ask people on that forum, be aware that they hate being asked questions that have already been answered and are also sensitive about stupid questions (don't ask me how I know this ).

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Default 05-08-2017, 09:19 | posts: 677 | Location: UK

I went through this a short while ago so will tell you my personal findings.

Lookout (Free - This is what im using) - Decent Virus scanner that covers play store downloads, side loaded APK's and general files. No real nagware about getting pro and does a good job, havent noticed any detrimental performance/battery drain.

BitDefender (Free) - Very lightweight scanner thats not got nagware, covers play store but not sideloaded APK's except on full manual scan.

Avast (Free) - Ad supported now so prepare for ads, also likes to recommend/link to Avasts other apps for lots of the stuff in the app. This is what put me off this.

I think I also tried ESET but didnt like it for some reason.

If you are looking to pay for one id strongly recommend BitDefenders version, has tons of extra features (SMS commands, app locking etc covers sideloading apps and is very cheap at 99p per month). Lookout is nice for free but lacks features for the paid version that Bitdefender has and is more expensive. If Bitdefenders free one handled on the fly sideloaded APK scanning etc id use that but in that regard lookout is better.
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Default 05-08-2017, 09:29 | posts: 4,287 | Location: Cheshire, England

Nothing, unless you've got reasons to be concerned with malware.
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Default 05-08-2017, 09:33 | posts: 17,732 | Location:

Originally Posted by Labyrinth View Post
Nothing, unless you've got reasons to be concerned with malware.
This ^^

I've been installing APKs from anywhere and everywhere for years, never had any malware on any device

AVs will just slow your already slow device down to a crawl

Factory reset it and use it normally, if anything, flash a custom ROM/Kernel and OC it
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Default 05-08-2017, 10:40 | posts: 26,552 | Location: Netherlands

wipe everything when flashing a custom rom if you are not sure.
i think android 7.1.2 with ultimate performance mod and greenify is the best you can get with it.
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Default 05-09-2017, 00:17 | posts: 137 | Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

So I've tried all of those av's, and so far avas was the only one to find something (was only 1 thing in total), and I've been considering factory reseting my phone; just gotta transfer all of my pics and videos. I've been looking into customizing with my own "rom's" but not fully confident with myself in that area.
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