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Default 12-29-2012, 04:01 | posts: 2,388 | Location: AUSTRALIA

what or who determines the payouts now. Seems only a few years ago suits like this were awarded in the hundreds millions. Now its in the billion at minimum. Whats one or two billion nowadays anyway ... according to my government.
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Originally Posted by hallryu View Post
You lot take the biscuit! So if you lot invented something that had the potential to make loads of money for you and your shareholders you wouldn't defend that patent if someone stole your IP?

Patents protect property rights and are necessary to stop unscrupulous companies profiting off the hard work and innovation of others. From that has sprung a secondary industry of patent purchase and sale for profit, or to prevent another company extending their market share.

I see it all as just good business.

Universities are not in the business of groundbreaking innovation to give away. They do it to make money as well as further their reputation and prestige.

The universities in the UK working on graphene will not be giving away the technology. They will be patenting every damn thing they can and good luck to them.
I know this post of yours is a little old but I think you're missing the point of why patents are a problem. They were originally made to encourage innovation because it would protect inventors from having their ideas stolen. But the problem with patents today is companies like Apple find holes in the law system and are able to patent ridiculous things, most of which they didn't invent or don't even use. The problem with CM vs. Marvell is unless Marvell honestly didn't know of CM's patent, CM must have intentionally denied the use of their patent. But why? What does CM gain by inventing and patenting a technology just so nobody else is allowed to use it? They're not going to mass produce these chips themselves. I can understand why Apple would do such a thing but a university?

Also, suppose Marvell wasn't aware of the patent. Based on how the article was written, it seems implied that CM was aware of Marvells actions for a while now and therefore didn't even post a warning - they just waited for Marvell to breach that last violation just so they could file a ridiculous lawsuit. There is no perspective of this that doesn't make CM look like a bunch of *******s.
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