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Mainboard: ASRock X370 Killer SLI/ac
Memory: G.SKILL Flare X 32GB DDR4
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Default 08-14-2017, 01:52 | posts: 174 | Location: Canada

Originally Posted by Aura89 View Post
To be honest, i more expected it with this release then the main ryzen release, because it's AMDs high end, expensive chips, and expensive motherboards, that i'm certain the market was very unsure of how fast it would sell, given peoples uncertainty with AMD throughout the past many years.
In some ways, that's true. Just like Ryzen 7 was their first Zen CPU, Ryzen Threadripper is their first HEDT CPU. In both cases, there was little data to go on so mobo manufacturers may have decided to err on the side of caution. Also, HEDT is a pretty niche market overall so overstocking wouldn't be wise - only a few people will pony up the money for these chips. Then again, we've never had a HEDT chip that was as cheap as the 1920X (they're usually $1K and over).

I just find it annoying to have to wait to build a system. I got my Ryzen 7 CPU almost immediately after launch, but it was sitting under my desk for weeks as I waited for the motherboard. After a month of waiting, I was so desperate that I swapped out my original purchase (MSI) for another board that happened to be in stock, which is how I ended up with my ASRock board. My 1950X just arrived today (weekend deliveries are always nice), and I hope I won't have to repeat my prior experience. Here's hoping.
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Andrew LB
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Memory: 16gb Corsair Vengence
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Default 08-14-2017, 10:10 | posts: 747 | Location: Peoples Republic of Kalifornia

Power consumption goes through the roof @ 4ghz overclocked.
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Processor: 1800x 3.92ghz 1.3 v
Mainboard: Asus CH VI x370
Memory: 16GB 3ghz ddr4
Soundcard: Asus strix pro
PSU: 850W SF platinum
Default 08-14-2017, 11:21 | posts: 6,628 | Location: Finland

Originally Posted by Andrew LB View Post
Power consumption goes through the roof @ 4ghz overclocked.
And still not that bad vs comparably performing Intel most likely.
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Videocard: MSI 780Ti Gaming
Processor: intel i5 3570K
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Soundcard: Yamaha RX-V550 w/!JBL
PSU: tT SmartSE 530W
Default 08-14-2017, 15:21 | posts: 960 | Location: Serbia

Originally Posted by Humanoid_1 View Post
Ryzen 5 actually did very well, for gaming it is Much Much better value for money and even beat the 1950x in some tests (it was not in all the benchmarked games sadly).

The 1950x is most certainly not a "Master of all trades", though while clearly dominating in professional applications it is still really no big letdown in games - achieving around 120fps in many 1080p games.

In general if you want a 144Hz monitor with 1080p gaming though, then stay well clear on this chip (still can do that in a few games too!). Here the 7700K makes much more sense

If I wasn't as happy as I am with my pre-Sandybridge (currently 4GHz) 6c/12t Xeon I would be lining up to buy a Threadripper. It is a Damn Good option for many people.


I have noticed that in a lots of reviewers benchmarking, the 1950x does not appear to be ramping up to the expected 4.2GHz for some reason, I feel the cause is not always temperature related, so it seems possible that some future updates might release some performance improvements in my opinion. (still won't make it the best gaming chip though ofc )

I am agreeing with you, I actually support the idea of ryzen 5/7 is enough for gaming now and for years to come, that's why I ask how did that CPU do (I know how it would do, same/better than 1950x) at 4GHz because that result was excluded (would've made TR look silly at gaming price/perf)

edit: I am also happy with my PC @1080p @60fps V-sync. Not looking to make my gaming 2 times (figure of speech) more expensive by going 144Hz....

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