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Framerate changing its cap mid-game?
Videocard: Nivida GTX 1060 6GB VRAM
Processor: Intel i7 6700 HQ
PSU: 180 W AC
Default Framerate changing its cap mid-game? - 08-04-2017, 02:56 | posts: 1

Hello, I seem to be having some issues and haven't been able to find a solution so hopefully someone can give me a hand.

I Have been playing Runescape 3 in the desktop client using RTSS to limit the FPS to 60. I have noticed using the in game FPS counter that at random points the FPS will drop from 60 to 30 and stay there. it tends to happen if i teleport to another location in game(causing it to load for a few seconds) or if I switch to another program like a web browser. If I increase the FPS counter in RTSS while this is happening, Runescape's FPS will go up but only by half the value entered(e.g. i have 90 FPS entered in RTSS, only get max of 45 FPS in Runescape). if I close and reopen Runescape it goes back to whatever frame rate is in RTSS, but it happens very frequently. i have V-Sync disabled in RuneScape as well.

I have tried using both the global preset and one dedicated to Runescape.
One factor maybe that runescape has two ".exe" files. One is called "rs2client.exe" and the other is "RuneScape.exe" i have tried using a preset for both of them individually and at the same time.

Im running RTSS 7.0.0 Beta 19 and Nivida Driver version 376.89.
Any advice would be appreciated
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