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Default 07-20-2017, 06:46 | posts: 6,422 | Location: Australia

It's only the real early episodes up until 1978. They weren't lost, they were deliberately recorded over with newer shows to save archive space (real reason would be monetary). They had a demand that all the copies that got sent to any station were destroyed after playing, most likely so they could only play them once and not repeat them later in the year. The Doctor Who that most people on here grew up with are available, that's from the fourth doctor.
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Default 07-20-2017, 07:04 | posts: 3,778 | Location: UK

^^Do you mean 1970, they found the missing Pertwee episodes many years ago, although it was not until the restoration team was formed that we got a watchable colour DVD release of the full Pertwee at this stage i think we have about 20 plus serials missing from Hartnell and Troughton left to find, i think that is about 90 something individual episodes.
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Default 07-20-2017, 07:46 | posts: 3,713 | Location: England

Will she know how to use a screwdriver (bad joke sorry)
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Default 07-20-2017, 08:25 | posts: 13,096 | Location: Scotland

Originally Posted by boodikon View Post
Will she know how to use a screwdriver (bad joke sorry)
Not just a bad joke, literally banned from being shown on uk adverts soon

Along with other ones like "man don't know how to use a sink"
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Default 07-20-2017, 13:48 | posts: 5,324 | Location: England

Do not watch Dr Who.

PC move to be honest.
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Default 07-20-2017, 14:31 | posts: 2,235 | Location: UK

Originally Posted by scatman839 View Post
Not just a bad joke, literally banned from being shown on uk adverts soon

Along with other ones like "man don't know how to use a sink"
I welcome the move for advertising - as I think that adverts will be judged on whether they can make us laugh or not.

But...I garuntee you the only people who take offense to the models in the adverts are the ones who do not look like the models in the adverts.

It's a very simple conversation:

"We want to stop models being used in advertising because it exploits models!"

"Urm, it's not exploiting you, because you are not a model - surely it is up to the models whether or not they choose a modelling career or not?"

"NO! It's up to us! WE are the ones who take offence to the existence of these models bec-"

"-WHOAH! What a minute...whoah whoah whoah, YOU do not look like a model, correct?"


"And you do not have a career in modelling, correct?"


"...and these models have made a conscious decision to work in the modelling industry, and to earn money to be self-sufficient, in a highly regulated and safe environment, correct?"


"So, why are how are you in any way shape or form affected by them being a model?"

"...we, um....because it exploits women!..."

"No. No it doesn't, you just don't like the fact that some women are able to work as a model, and you are not. Hiding behind the 'exploit' narrative mealy exposes this fact. The truth is NONE of these women care what you think, and just want you to STFU, unless that is, you are prepared to financially compensate them for making them redundant?"


"Thought not".
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Default 07-21-2017, 00:21 | posts: 5

i miss david tennant
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