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Benchmark Mayhem This section is for you benchmark freaks. Wanna show off your 3D Mark scores with your brand new GTX 980 SLI or Radeon R9 290X Crossfire in that Intel Core i7 rig? Then this is your section!

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Videocard: 1080 hybrid 2139mhz/Gsync
Processor: 4770k 4.7core 4.2cache
Mainboard: MSI Z87 DG65
Memory: 16Gb Gskill TriX 2666mhz
Soundcard: Realtek 1150
PSU: Corsait GS 800
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Videocard: MSI 1080TI SLI PG348Q
Processor: i7 6950x @4.4ghz - H240-X
Mainboard: Asus ROG Strix X99
Memory: AvexirBlitzDDR4-3000/32GB
Soundcard: Phoebus - M50w / ATH900X
PSU: Seasonic Platinum 1200w
Default 04-20-2017, 13:45 | posts: 638 | Location: Philippines

Here's Mine on 1080p Extreme..Made SLI working using Nvidia Inspector..

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Videocard: EVGA 1080ti 11GB
Processor: Intel Core i7 3960X @ 4.5
Mainboard: X79 Rampage Formula
Memory: 16GB DDR3 @ 1600
Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster Z
PSU: AX860w
Default 04-22-2017, 00:44 | posts: 5 | Location: Australia

I find this benchmark to be ****...

DX11 for starters.. Boring to watch.. SLI doesnt seem to work without custom settings, but the biggest problem is its CPU utilisation is a joke..

a 1080ti on an overclocked 5960x @ 4.5ghz will score ~ 18,000 where a stock clocked 7700k will score over 21,000..

It prefers per-core performance over multicores..

Perhaps its a more realistic interpretation of gaming as generally a 7700k will out game even a 6950x but I think it needs separate CPU and GPU scores if CPU is such a big factor.

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Videocard: Amd 2x290 Cfx
Processor: i7 5820k @ 4.0
Mainboard: Gigabyte x99-sli
Memory: G-skill ripjaws v @ 3200
Soundcard: stock
PSU: Coolemaster v 1000
Default 04-22-2017, 08:54 | posts: 63 | Location: greece

i5 3570k @ 4.5
2x 290 1124/1500

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Videocard: Titan X P 4 Way SLI
Processor: Core i7 4960X @ 4.7Ghz
Mainboard: ASUS P9X79-E WS
Memory: 48 Gb Corsair Vengeance
Soundcard: Xonar Essence One
PSU: EVGA Supernova 1600W
Default 04-22-2017, 16:47 | posts: 270 | Location: France

A couple more runs

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Videocard: hd 6870
Processor: intel xeon e5450 @3.6ghz
Mainboard: ip35-e
Memory: PC2-6400 DDR2 6GB
PSU: 550w
Default 04-22-2017, 20:29 | posts: 315

Originally Posted by anticupidon View Post
Here are my results:

for 1080 high settings -

for 1080 medium -

A few bugs i found out for my computer:
My i5 6600k is overclocked at 4,5 Ghz, but reported as stock from Unigine ?
My RX 480 is clocked at 1338 Mhz and during any other GPU benchmark MSI Afterburner displays 1338 Mhz stable, but during the Unigine Superposition fluctuates between 1220 and 1330 Mhz..What gives?
that means you probably need more power, superposition is very heavy, My 6870 which can run firestrike at 990 mhz at 1190mv with the stock blower, crashes nearly instantly because the temps go out the window.

the With settings on 1080p medium and textures on low my 6870 gets 2500~ stock, I would run the medium preset but the 1gb of vram isn't enough.
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Videocard: 1070
Processor: 6600
Memory: 4GB
PSU: 750
Default Today, 12:41 | posts: 112


Medium + max on AF and AA in nvidia panel..
 Click to show spoiler

extreme with all default nvidia settings

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