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Default 05-08-2012, 20:52 | posts: 6,559

Originally Posted by nhlkoho View Post
So uh, you got that I was mimicking how one of those people would speak, right?

Do we need to intervene before you go out and finance a 360 too?
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Don Snow
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Default 05-08-2012, 20:58 | posts: 10,640 | Location: Toledo

Originally Posted by IPlayNaked View Post
As I pointed out, total price difference is 40 bucks. The extra money you spend in order to get what is essentially financing on a 360 and 2 years of XBL is 40 measly dollars.

People aren't as dumb as what I pointed out, they can typically do basic math. They'll understand that its a bit more, but it's over time, so they accept it. It's freaking 1.67 a month, Microsoft is SOOOOO "TAKING ADVANTAGE" of those with LOW INTELLIGENCE, though you'd think they'd it more effectively and least get two full dollars out of them.

Hell, maybe the ****ing gamebox they just bought for 37 more green pieces of paper will learn them how to reed real good so they can finally move up in the world of complete freaking retards whose financial decisions literally no one cares about.

If Microsoft doesn't offer this, the dumbass will just put it on their plastic money machine. And the retards putting xbox 360s on their credit cards don't get sub-10% interest rates. So this is an even cheaper solution for them.

I'm a fool, laughing out ****ing loud.
You shouldn't be putting any non vital items on layaway/credit, and companies know this yet offer the option anyway because they know that most people can't control their impulses. It's taking advantage plain and simple.
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Default 05-09-2012, 06:23 | posts: 3,802 | Location: Northcoast of Germany

...then whole LasVegas is taking advantage of ppl. Afaik no one has ever blamed LasVegas for it.
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Default 05-09-2012, 06:26 | posts: 72

2 pages now and this hasn't been moved to console section....
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