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Strange BSOD's pointing to "ATIKMDAG.sys"
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Videocard: Radeon HD 5750 1GB
Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 3GHz
Mainboard: Asrock N68C-S UCC
Memory: 4GB DDR3 (1333 MHz)
Soundcard: Realtek ALC662/Logi S220
PSU: 750W ColorsIT (generic)
Default Strange BSOD's pointing to "ATIKMDAG.sys" - 05-03-2012, 14:48 | posts: 271 | Location: UK

Additional Information which may be helpful:
Mon1 = LG Flatron W2043S 20" 1600x900
Mon2 = Advent X19W 19" 1440x900

About a week ago I left my PC running to itself whilst I went out doing some shopping. When I came back I moved my mouse to wake up my monitors, and noticed my secondary monitor was at an insanely low resolution. I spent a while trying to fix this and manged to do so by upgrading my video card drivers from the CCC 12.2 to the CCC 12.4. And then I had to go into the CCC and turn off EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) for the second monitor, and manually set it to a max of 1440x900 and max refresh rate of 75hz.

After doing this though I noticed the second monitor was no longer showing as an X19W in the CCC, or the windows 7 display settings panel. Instead it's only showing as a "17" display" (keep in mind it's a 19" monitor!" and trying to manually choose the driver to set it as a X19W seems to show that no such driver exists (and I can't find it on the web).

I didn't think much of this as the display was working fine, however since then I'd been getting BSOD's pointing to "ATIKMDAG.sys", I'd get them every 12 or so hours, and they'd only occur whilst the system is idle (I leave my system running all the time), with the exception of one which happened in front of me, but the system wasn't running anything intense .

Now after about 3 days of getting them so frequent I decided to do a small bit of research and found that a "ATIKMDAG.sys" is related to the drivers, and some even saying it's related to the CCC. So I decided to downgrade my CCC back to 12.2 to see if that would cure the problem.

Unfortunately it didn't, after running flawless for 3 days (with quite a bit of heavy gaming) I got a BSOD whilst the system was left idle to itself overnight.

Now I'm not sure if this problem is still happening, A few hours ago I decided to do a complete fresh install of windows 7 and used the old 12.2 drivers which worked fine before the monitor screwed over. And things have been fine so far, but I'd still like to ask your guys opinions so if it happens again I have some possible solutions to put to practice instantly.

Oh, and even after the format and reinstall the second monitor still refused to work until I forced it to 1440x900 @ 75hz in the CCC. And strangely it's not showing as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" where as before the format it showed as "17" display"

Things I've tried so far:
- Swapping the monitors over on the video card connector, mon1 worked flawlessly in both ports, and mon2 showed as "17" display" in both ports so a fault connector is unlikely.

- Playing some video games to see if I can force the problem to happen again, which didn't work so I'm doubting the problem could be the hardware

- I've ran furmark for 20 mins without problem (planning to do a much longer test if the problem still happens).

- Reinstalling windows (nothing's happened since I did this, but I only did it a few hours ago)
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