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ATI Radeon HD 5870 review
Guru3D News
Ancient Guru
Guru3D News's Avatar
Processor: HAL 9000
Default ATI Radeon HD 5870 review - 09-23-2009, 05:24 | posts: 6,462

Hey everybody that's right .. it's time for the article you've all been waiting on. Today ATI will launch their series 5800 graphics cards the Radeon HD 5850 and 5870. Our twenty-seven page article...

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Maha Guru
Videocard: ASUS GTX 670 4GB GDDR5
Processor: Intel i7 3770K
Memory: OCZ Platinum DDR3-1600 4G
PSU: Enermax Platimax 600W
Default 09-23-2009, 05:25 | posts: 2,297 | Location: Hong Kong

Looks promising as I'm going from 4850 512MB GDDR3
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Maha Guru
Videocard: EVGA gtx 580
Processor: i7 2600k
Mainboard: ga-z68x-ud3p-b3
Memory: G.skill1600mhz 8-8-8-20LP
Soundcard: xonar dg+ ath-ad700
PSU: TX950W crosair
Default 09-23-2009, 05:31 | posts: 1,413

im perfectly happy with my GTX 285.

of course, if it came out 2 months earlier i would have gotten this (but i got my gtx 285 cheap because my other new card was faulty with stuttering.)

Last edited by DF-1; 09-23-2009 at 06:35.
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Master Guru
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Memory: 8GB G.S RipjawsX @2133
Soundcard: Xonar STX/Senn HD595
PSU: Cooler Master 1000W
Default 09-23-2009, 05:32 | posts: 351 | Location: Macedonia

Amazing review awesome !!
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Maha Guru
Videocard: MSI R9 290X 8GB 2560*1440
Processor: i7-3770K @ 4.5GHz
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Memory: 32GB 1600CL9 Vengeance LP
Soundcard: Corsair Void 7.1
PSU: Corsair AX1200i
Default 09-23-2009, 05:37 | posts: 1,391

Woah. That's a great review, Hilbert.

Thanks for releasing it before any sane Dutchmen awakes.

The 5870 beats the 285 without much fuzz. If the 5870 is a sign of things to come in ATI's new line-up then the companies which only manufacture NV cards will have a hard time in the coming months.

Can't wait for the 5850, 5770 and 5750 reviews.

Now... I am going to try to get me one today.
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Member Guru
ChinStrap's Avatar
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Processor: i5 750 (H50)
Mainboard: M ||| G
Memory: Adata XPG 2200+ (2x2g)
Soundcard: On-Board / Logitech X-540
PSU: 1kw
Default 09-23-2009, 05:38 | posts: 57 | Location: CR:IA

is rivatuner information public?

is there a new version? or does 2.24c work out of the box.

i'm running 2.24 w/ mod for 4890 now.

please and thank you, like always
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Don Quixote
Cybermancer's Avatar
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Processor: Intel E8400 @ 3.6 GHz
Mainboard: XFX 680i LT
Memory: 6 GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400
Soundcard: X-Fi
PSU: PC Power & Cooling 750W
Default 09-23-2009, 05:38 | posts: 13,801 | Location: Cyberspace

I have to admit I only looked at the benchmarks and read the conclusion so far, but this card looks like a pure win. Imo, for $400 you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Nice job ATI and thanks for the review, Hilbert.
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I have restricted access
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Default 09-23-2009, 05:39 | posts: 2,494

Great review man ! ( as always )
Awesome card from what I can see here. In tests where scaling is good, and where you can see 5870's full power , it completely dominates all. Anno, BiA HH, HAWX for example, even in Video Transcoding test really shows the card's full potential. I bet, with a driver release or two, it will catch up to, or even surpass GTX295 in all games . Not to talk about dx11 stuff ... On the edge of buying it !
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Don Illuminati
WhiteLightning's Avatar
Videocard: Inno3d GTX 1070 iChill x4
Processor: 2600k HT@4 .5 + NZXT X61
Mainboard: MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING
Memory: Gskill 2133Mhz 8GB
Soundcard: Onboard
PSU: Seasonic 750 Watt
Default 09-23-2009, 05:43 | posts: 26,444 | Location: Netherlands

nice review! great card, im really really looking forward to the 5870x2 now
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Videocard: MSi N570GTX TFIII [OC|PE]
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Soundcard: XFi Fatality Pro [SB046A]
PSU: Tagan Piperock 600W [48A]
Talking 09-23-2009, 05:43 | posts: 13,412 | Location: √╥


great review!!
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Ancient Guru
Denial's Avatar
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Processor: i7-4790K
Mainboard: ASUS Maximus VII Hero
Memory: 16GB Corsair DDR3 2133
Soundcard: ZxR & HD800 Lyr/PC350SE
PSU: Seasonic 1000w
Default 09-23-2009, 05:46 | posts: 10,796 | Location: Terra Firma

It's definitely a good review, although I don't see why people are surprised about the performance. The DX11 and architecture bits are always my fav.

Regardless, I don't play a single game right now that even comes close to tapping out the performance of my current card. By the time Nvidia cards come out at the most it looks like they'll only be a few DX11 titles. I'm just gonna sit and wait for Nvidia to release and then make a decision.
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Ancient Guru
chispy's Avatar
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Processor: AMD R7 1700x@ 4200Mhz-H2O
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Memory: G.Skill DDR4-3200Ghz 16GB
Soundcard: X-Fi Titanium HD
PSU: eVGA Supernova G2-1300w
Thumbs up 09-23-2009, 05:50 | posts: 7,719 | Location: In Paradise :)

Magestic review , nicely done again Hilbert , i read every single word on it and i did enjoy it , thank you so much for an excelent review. What a beatiful piece of hardware .

Regards: Chispy.
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Ancient Guru
deltatux's Avatar
Videocard: GIGABYTE Radeon R9 280
Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K @4.5
Mainboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H
Memory: Patriot 4 x 4GB DDR3-1600
Soundcard: Auzentech X-Raider 7.1
Default 09-23-2009, 05:52 | posts: 19,047 | Location: Toronto, Canada

My Radeon HD 4850 is out for warranty, so if XFX says it's my fault (have this weird feeling that this is gonna happen), I'm gonna have to camp it out for the 5750 then. The 5800 series is too damn expensive.

Right now I'm using a Radeon HD 3450 just so I can at least do work on my rig. Can't have any prolonged system downtime for a college computer science student

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Ancient Guru
Sieras's Avatar
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Mainboard: Gigabyte P67X-UD3-B3
Memory: Corsair DDR3-1600 8 GB
Soundcard: Xonar D2X+Custom One Pro
PSU: Corsair TX650W
Default 09-23-2009, 06:07 | posts: 3,816 | Location: Lithuania, Kaunas

Great review and a great card indeed. It's great that ATI managed to produce such a monster and for a really reasonable price!

I'll need a card with DX11 support sooner or later so now I'll just have to wait for nVidia to kick in and then make my conclusions.

It's a good feeling seeing new technology at work. As always
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w 4 f f l e s
Master Guru
Videocard: HIS HD7870 2GB
Processor: Core i5 3570k
Mainboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Memory: 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sp
Soundcard: X-Fi Titanium
PSU: Antec HCG 750W
Default 09-23-2009, 06:15 | posts: 428 | Location: San Francisco

I think it's great that ATI/AMD has made such a great comeback. More competition between them and Nvidia = win for us consumers. Another great review Hilbert.

That batmobile picture is awesome. Props to whoever made it.
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Maha Guru
Whiplashwang's Avatar
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Processor: AMD R5 1600X - NH-D15S
Mainboard: ROG Crosshair VI Hero
Memory: 16GB Flare X 3200MHz CL14
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Z
PSU: Corsair TX850W
Cool 09-23-2009, 06:22 | posts: 2,133 | Location: Earth

Might pick one of these bad boys up and if I do it will be my first ATi Card. BooYAH Bitches
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Ancient Guru
Chouji's Avatar
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PSU: duh, wall socket
Default 09-23-2009, 06:28 | posts: 5,634 | Location: In a house, on a hill, by a road.

Thank you Hilbert, another fine review.

I'll personally be holding out for a 2GB GDDR5 version, but it looks awesome so far none the less.
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Ancient Guru
Iggyblack's Avatar
Videocard: PNY GTX 960 1330/1790
Processor: Intel Core i5 4690K@4Ghz
Mainboard: ASUS Z97-A
Memory: Vengeance LP 8GB 1333
Soundcard: Onboard
PSU: Corsair CS650M
Default 09-23-2009, 06:42 | posts: 4,407 | Location: Recife, Brazil

great review hilbert, loved it!

this card performs and looks good, great product ati made. also seems like this card would benefit from the raven cases
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Ancient Guru
RejZoR's Avatar
Videocard: Sapphire HD4870 Silent
Processor: Core i7 920 @ 4GHz
Mainboard: ASUS Rampage II Gene
Memory: 6GB OCZ Platinum 1600MHz
Soundcard: ASUS Xonar Essence STX
PSU: Corsair HX750
Default 09-23-2009, 06:52 | posts: 4,211 | Location: Europe/Slovenia/Ljubljana

It's certanly a respectable performer, but the price at the moment is just too high (at least for me). Besides, i just bought HD4870 that runs all the games just fine. Even latest ones like NFS:Shift work ultra fast with 4xFSAA and 16xAF. So as far as my rig is concerned, i'll wait for NVIDIA to throw their cards on the table. That will lower the prices (hopefully) and we'll also have something from competition. Maybe i'll go NVIDIA this time, who knows until we see their products.
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Maha Guru
Videocard: AMD RX 480gb
Processor: Intel i5 6600
Mainboard: Asrock B150M PRO4
Memory: Corsair 8x2 GB 2144mhz
PSU: Corsair HX650
Default 09-23-2009, 07:19 | posts: 842 | Location: Melbourne AUS

awesome review and wow 27 pages!!!

and thank god i sold off my 4850 in June for 4870 1gb price!hehehe! and ran out of warranty too

oh cant wait for 5850!!
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Duke Nil
Maha Guru
Duke Nil's Avatar
Videocard: GTX 980Ti
Processor: i7 2600k
Mainboard: MSI Z68A-GD65 Gen3
Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600
Soundcard: Xonar DX
Default 09-23-2009, 07:20 | posts: 1,086 | Location: Good question

Great review as always, tempted to save up for one of these, but it really won't be necessary (not that it'll ever be necessary, but you know) for me for a good little while yet - my 260s are still more than enough for everything out there and should continue to be for at least another 6 months or so, probably longer
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Don Vincenzo
vbetts's Avatar
Videocard: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M
Processor: Intel Core i7 6500U
Mainboard: Asus k501
Memory: 8gb DDR4
Soundcard: onboard
PSU: onboard
Default 09-23-2009, 07:28 | posts: 13,008 | Location: Toledo Ohio

And all that with a single chip utilizing less than 190 Watts.

And the 5870,

Also damn.
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Ancient Guru
Videocard: Nvidia Geforce 570
Processor: Intel i7 2600k
Mainboard: Asus P8P67
Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Soundcard: X-FI Platinum+7.1 system
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower
Default 09-23-2009, 07:37 | posts: 5,549 | Location: Funland aka Happycamp aka Finland

Originally Posted by RejZoR View Post
It's certanly a respectable performer, but the price at the moment is just too high (at least for me). Besides, i just bought HD4870 that runs all the games just fine. Even latest ones like NFS:Shift work ultra fast with 4xFSAA and 16xAF. So as far as my rig is concerned, i'll wait for NVIDIA to throw their cards on the table. That will lower the prices (hopefully) and we'll also have something from competition. Maybe i'll go NVIDIA this time, who knows until we see their products.
Well you have to admit that getting twice the FPS than before in Crysis would be nice
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Maha Guru
Ji1986's Avatar
Videocard: Gigabyte GTX670 OC SLI
Processor: Intel I7 3930K @4.6ghz
Mainboard: ASUS X79 PRO
Memory: G-Skill RipjawZ 16G
Soundcard: Xonar DX
PSU: Silverstone 1000W
Default 09-23-2009, 07:40 | posts: 887 | Location: Australia

I think i will be converting from the green monster to the red......depending on the price I will be getting a 5870.
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Videocard: HD5770/BenQ G2220HD
Processor: E6300 @ 4Ghz
Mainboard: Gigabyte - GA-EP43T-UD3L
Memory: Sector Five @ 1333CAS7
Soundcard: Realtek 81xx
PSU: Silverstone 500w
Default 09-23-2009, 07:42 | posts: 17,926 | Location: Coldwells,UK

Still can't find any in stock part from OCuk but they are terrible.
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