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Mixed Questions about PS3 and its games
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Default Mixed Questions about PS3 and its games - 06-15-2009, 13:13 | posts: 20,707 | Location: Turkey


as iam a console maniac iam giving my time on them. Well, i have some questions my mind and if u help me to answer them i will be glad and happy.

PS: my PS3 is connected to internet with LAN not wireless. i bought a new modem with 4 port on it.and PS3 online gaming is far more better than before.

1- About multiplayer: i know iam from Turkey and when i game in EU servers it wont be awesome but COMON! all online games, to MANY EU servers i got above 80 ping...but it looks like on PS3 my multiplayer gaming is HELL to me! why? matchmaking system is crap? i must open my MODEMS port? idid it.
1-a) And tehre another question, do we connect peoples PS3s to play online? or there r servers for ps3 GAMING? For an example BAD COMPANY...when i connect to a game, do i connect to somebody's PS3?

2- Iam playing KZ2 is FUN..i choose region as EU, mostly PINGS r fine..i wonder what is ur CONTROLLER sensitity? onine aming is hard with gamepad..but at this point pls dod not compare with K/M because INDEED nothing beats it

Anyway, people r skilled as i see in the game and they kill good..and their pings r mostly far more better than me.

3-My PS3 FREEZED yesterday while playing BAD COMPANY, WTF? well, PS3 fan was spinning like it was hot i presume. but still WTF!

3-a) about bad company,again i feel like it matches me with JAPAn man..its annoying not to see pings ...
b) and again, people play like they r using Mouse and Keyboard lol..

Ok people, i fell like WHINING PUNK . i know i dont play online games on consoles too much but iam familiar with gamepad but it looks like some people on consoels games online games like tehre is no tomorrow and they play good lol..

P.s (again) i thnk all problem is PING..i shoot and enemy dont die..but they shoot and i die easily...mehh...

EDIT: what the hell? i thought i opened this on CONSOLE section..SORY can u move this pls
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