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Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
Here's a very easy test that should convince people once and for all that nvidia's limiter adds too much lag:

Yes, feel free to use it. But please, for the love of god, don't claim that it's better or lower latency than RTSS.

Bottom line: any claim made needs to be backed up by data or a reproducible test. Otherwise it's just placebo. Are there tests that show that windowed mode is faster than exclusive? Because otherwise, you're just asking me to take your word for it :-/
yes limiter v2 adds a lot of input lag, please try this setting with latest profile inspector and latest drivers R381

what i see on a 60Hz GSYNC setup:

Limiter V2 + FORCE VSYNC ON = lot of input lag (even below refreshrate)
Limiter V2 + FAST SYNC = less input lag than VSYNC ON
Limiter V1 (FORCE V2 OFF) = very low input lag

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