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Originally Posted by MrBridgeSix View Post
Sorry to bother you Unwinder, your work is really awsome and I mean it.

I've seen in the changelog something about the 64bit steam overlay having been removed from the delayed hooking engine and it made so that my steam did not work anymore on top of 64bit games, so I tried to edit the configurations but the information I've found online on how to do so was for 6.3.0 and the files supposed to contain the configs for the delayed hooking engine are no longer there in 6.5.0 Beta 6. So I downgraded to 6.4.0 where it works out of the box.

Sorry if I'm being hugely inconvenient and dumb but I wanted to make sure the issue was reported cause I want to use the new features of 6.5.0 without losing my steam overlay.

It's pretty simple to get the OSD working with the Steam Overlay. To do so:

1. Navigate to where RTSS is installed (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server).
2. Navigate to ProfileTemplates folder
3. Locate Global config (should be under the "file" type if you have things sorted by type, and simply named, "Global")
4. Open in Notepad/Wordpad
5. Locate InjectionDelayTriggers under the [Hooking] section
6. add GameOverlayRenderer64.dll to the line with a comma without a space.
7. Save/Exit
8. Open steam, load game, give it 15 seconds and the OSD should appear.

I hope this helps you!

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