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>Now On-Screen Display is being rendered immediately after starting 64-bit Steam applications without 15 second delay

It is made like that for maximal potential RTSS compatibility with games/benchmarks because of this:

>Many third-party products are designed to be the only On-Screen Display products in the system and to block their own functionality when any other On-Screen Display software is running.


So basically it's either Steam overlay + RTSS after 15 seconds using GameOverlayRenderer64.dll override or RTSS instantly without Steam overlay because they can't coexist so RTSS prioritizes itself over Steam overlay?
That's not RTSS is prioritizing itself, that's 64-bit STEAM overlay intentionally killing itself as soon as it see some other overlay injected in the game.
And no, it is not a question of maximum potential compatibility that caused 64-bit Steam overlay library to be removed from delayed injection configuration in this version.
Delayed injection engine was initially added as a temporary "band-aid" feature, allowing users to use both MSI AB and Steam overlays until Valve developers whitelist other 64-bit overlays and adopt their overlay client to be able to co-exist with other overlays. However, that feature actually played bad role and caused Valve developers to sit and simply do nothing, seeing that AB and Steam overlays already able to co-exist somehow. At the same time it required rather annoying delay to be seen by all AB users, even those who absolutely don't need Steam overlay. Nothing was done from Valve side to remove that exclusivity check during 2 years (!!!) since introducing delayed engine, so it is time to solve that properly from Valve side at last. It is no longer enabled by default to make developers moving from that side.

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