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Originally Posted by k1net1cs View Post
I initially didn't even realize the CPU supports Intel HD Graphics back then.

There's nothing on Windows, there's no (h/w or s/w) switch for 'Stamina' and 'Speed' like with other VAIOs, and there's nothing on BIOS.
Sony completely skipped it for whatever reason.

If that is at all possible it'll be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes they block Intel ; ). As you can see I am crying my heart out for all AMD Mobility 5xxx users with Intel first gen because the latest AMD drivers simply cause the OS to not boot. But I like voicing the concerns of PXAI laptop folk

Thank you for checking out the Sony patch in private before I am posting these separate UnifL Sony tools!!!!

The Fix is officially derived from Sony but the UnifL tools can deploy it via request automatically into the system. It is also not based on the same method as described in this thread.

A second fix is also included for crashes that were experienced on PXAI devices. However it might also work for single GPU Sony VAIOs.!RRcwgIjZ!EtfEiL...1ie5KOgOHgoyec

> Sony_UnifL_issue_resolver <

Release Notes:

Seperate UnifL Tools release for Sony VAIO laptops suffering from video playback issues.

Can also be applied on single GPU systems.

Thanks for testing k1net1cs!!!!!!

Sony fixes included:
[S]ony VAIO Hybrid Patch (For Video Playback)

Official Description:
AMD MRHD Graphics driver patch which will allow movie
playback on hybrid AMD Sony VAIO computers
(That means that you can use your AMD GPU w/o Green Screen).

This patch came directly from SONY Dungeons :)
Big thanks to "Tommy King" who kindly provided a link to it.

Original Link:
S[O]ny VAIO Crash Patch

Sony VAIO Crash patch.

This patch should resolve issue when Using Intel HD3000 the
browser crashes with atiuxpag.dll error every 7-10 webpages.

Original Link:

Thanks to Davide Bergamini for pointing this out.

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