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dont know if allready posted here..

Run 60Fps with normal Game speed. so no speeding up the game..

-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60.0
the second command makes teh internal gamespeed..

i dont have the game, but thought ill post it..
found here:


BUT, theres a BIG BUT!!

u need the Frames to be ROCK Stable..
lets say u make this command with 60/60.
Now when u are ingame but have only , say , 50 fps mostly cause of perf issues, low OC, or simply the PC you are using isnt strong enough, then the gamespeed will change.

50/60 than means, that the game plays SLOWER. thats also why the game with only teh FPS command runs faster. since the gameSpeed is still at 30!!

so that would mean, to say it easy:

-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 120.0 = slowmo feeling

-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 30.0 = Fast Forward feeling

so u need rock stable FPS (or a stable 1:1 ratio between those 2 commands) to make this Perfectly work !!!!!!!!!!

The only drawback is that if you’re going to run the game at 60fps and expect it to work, you have to have a computer to match the required performance of the game at 60fps. If your PC can’t handle it and the game dips down below 60fps, you’re not just going to see dropped frames, you’re going to run into actual slowdown of the entire simulation process, the same way that the physics and simulation were speed up when running the game at 60fps on the 30fps simulation cycle.

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