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Originally Posted by Boulotaur2024 View Post
Just downloaded the game: it doesn't work because TR is a DX11 game mainly, and the new injector is *only* DX9 right now. Yet the game seems to load DX9 component that's why the new injector is loaded and creating a log anyway, tricking you into thinking it should work properly when it obviously does not. Hower when forced to run in DX9 ( DirectX9.reg ), new injector runs as expected.
I'm running Tomb Raider 2013 with DX9/x86. The old SMAA (v1.3) works perfectly if I disable the post processing of the game, but causes artifacts if I active it.
If I use your new DLL, I can turn on post processing of the game without it causes artifacts. Even working all the effects of the new DLL.
However, the new SMAA not working properly (with or without post processing of the game enabled). While at first seemed not work, with closer inspection I noticed that the new SMAA is active, but works veeeery inefficiently, correct the 10% of the aliasing on screen, is almost imperceptible.
The old SMAA worked very well.

I'm using the FXAA from game, combined with the rest of the effects of new DLL and everything seems to work fine.
Although I rather use the old SMAA previous...

Forcing DX9 by reg, nothing has changed at all.

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