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Originally Posted by Bobnar View Post
I didn't notice any differences in the image quality. I never really have with newer quadros though. If anything, some quads have appeared to run smoother or be stutter free, but thats about it on my end.

I did use 311.15 for a long time until 314.09 came out. 311.35 seem to be on par with 311.15, so i plan to keep them around for a bit. Still need to do some more testing.
Thanks for the reply but I was haveing a laugh. Some people normally ask if they have better image quality than (insert driver revision) drivers because they are Quadro drivers.

I currently do have them installed and I have noticed a improvement in Tomb Raider, although I installed the latest patch before I tested the game so I don't know if it was the patch or drivers that improved it.

The minimum FPS has greatly improved but like I said I don't know if it was the patch or the driver.
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