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Originally Posted by Redemption80 View Post
Great card and if your planning on playing on multiple screens or have any plans with the new Metro game then it's a better gaming card than the GTX690, but for most people it will be too expensive compared to other options out there.

Reminds me of the 8800 Ultra, great card but was also around $1000.
Imo no its not, more like sweet spot at 1920x1200 with max gfx, anything higher and you drop below magic 60fps mark in recent titles really quick.. Yes even in Crysis1

Or The witcher2 maxed with uber & AlanWake, even 1080P is waay to much :S

Check techpowerUp multi display 5760x1080 chart, some are really disappointing and that extra vram buffer doesnt help one bit. This GPU still doesnt have enough muscle to run at such high reso.

Idk about Assassins Creed3, but just wdf at 5760 reso.

Overall im not that impressed, I would be if it sold for ~ 600 anything more is just not worth it, 7970Ghz edition looks a lot better now.. Or yes even 2x 7950.

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