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Originally Posted by Nichtswisser View Post
No, they said that they would be interested to make one, yet they are not currently working on a Star Wars game as far as I know. What they are currently working on is "Project Eternity" and "South Park the Stick of Truth". So they are probably having their hands full right now.
They already started on KotOR3 right after they've done with KotOR2...before LucasArts cancelled project for better times. Also, yes they already talked with publisher in 2012 about KotOR3 and how they would be "interested" about making it...this means (and this is how it works) they already have a bunch of concept arts, 3d renders and prototype of game mechanics concept (pre-prototype alpha build) to show those on publisher/ Obsidian meetings, ergo "WIP" already started...kinda

as for "South Park"...this game already finished, as they said. They working on final testing with this one, I presume. "Project Eternity" have a different bunch of "Obsidian" people working on I don't see any obstacles for them to work on KotOR3 game. Obsidian Entertainment not a small company...

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