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Originally Posted by ElementalDragon View Post
I'm not angry. I'm just wondering how someone can make sarcastic claims about an OS that they "Haven't used ever since i bought it"..... and honestly doesn't seem to have EVER used it with what you're trying to say.
What "im trying to say" by that you mean your definition of what im trying to say?

This new might shock you, but i do not have to like windows 8 to objectively point at its flawed interface, unlike you, i do not fall in love with a product and love it for the rest of my life because i own it, fanboys do, i dont, i know its hard for you to believe in this but this is how life works.

I have tried it i have pointed how absurd it is, you didnt like it that i have pointed those ui flaws and started swearing and reply with agressive messages because of that. It is certainly not my problem that you dont like people pointing flaws at a product that you own, its yours and you should process that yourself, alone.

Come back later and reply with a constructive message instead of random swearing, even though i was sarcastic, i pointed out why windows 8 "desktop" interface is definetly not equal or close to beying equal to previous windows versions.

I dont have to use win8 for 10 years to realise that, even though i have used it for a couple of times, anyone can realise that windows 8 interface is nothing like windows 7 or previous windows just by looking at your screenshot.

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