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Originally Posted by ElementalDragon View Post
I'm sorry, but after the first line, your rant confused the f*ck out of me. For one, i'm pretty sure the vast majority of people who end up using a new version of Windows end up doing so when they purchase a new computer more than saying "Hey, why don't i buy this copy of Windows and install it myself?"

And i'm not 100% sure... but i'm thinking you're trying to say that I couldn't put that instance of Chrome anywhere i damn well please to, and that there is somewhere i could put it on Windows 7 that i somehow can't on Windows 8? Hell... you tell me what you want to see me do with a window, or multiple windows.... hell, i'll even take requests for something you want to see me do with windows/apps on both my 27" monitor as well as my 46" TV that i have connected as the secondary screen sitting to my left. You seem to be under the impression that if i expanded the window to full screen, that i'd somehow lose my taskbar and my ability to easily switch between the other windows i have open by simply clicking on the icon on the taskbar as you usually did in previous versions of Windows.... which, if that's the miserable excuse of a point you're trying to get across, then I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart.... USE THE OS before you try to pick it to pieces.

The ONLY VISUAL change in the OS is the start screen instead of the classic start menu. If you rarely ever used the start menu because you were like most normal people and had shortcuts on your desktop to your most frequently used programs, you are probably also the type of person who honestly wouldn't even notice that there is anything that's changed about the OS.
Yeah were all with you random angered forum poster!
Keep believing that is the only change and maybe if you believe hard enough in the lolipop land and pink unicorns it will come true, maybe.

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