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Originally Posted by ElementalDragon View Post
Apparently your vocabulary corresponds "instantaneously" to 3 months, time of which win8 was beying priced depending on the circumstances for just 15 in some circumastances or 30-40 normally. It is also fair to note that christmas and new year have been celebrated at that timespan and yet people yawned at win8, which i find it strange that the general population could see past that junk cartoonish eyecandy and think objectively about it as a product.
Lets see how many windows 8 copies microsoft will sell now that the product is back to its full price!

You have a very nice screenshot there, you forgot that your screenshot doesnt include the windows icon so everyone can notice how similar win8 is in that regard, even though youve attempted it you should have placed that window y2 boundaries a little higher because your windows phone 8 OS awsomeness is chomping on your taskbar, yep, im pretty sure anyone which will see his app on windowed fullscreen obbliterating the taskbar or any normal window doing the same will surely say this is the exact experience of all previous windows versions! And definetly the fullscreen startscreen corresponds absolutely 100% to windows 7 startmenu, in every single aspect, for starters i always remembered those good old days where you would scroll with your wheel vertically to go sideways, alt clicking an icon from startmenu just so i would have to move my mouse pointer all the way down to that sluggish oversized alt menu, those good old days where you would have every single folder expanded on all programs occupying your entire screen with oversized icons, that animated start menu enter, start menu exit, startmenu scrolling which all 3 of these animations add so much to productivity, oh and that good old search where you had to type what you wanted to search and then select the category of what you wanted to search!
How could i forget such "features" from previous windows, i mustve been blind all this time! Oh wait, i "accidentally" mixed all other previous windows versions with windows 8, you see they are so similar, only now i noticed i was talking about windows 8!

Sarcasm aside, your post stinks of desperation as much as microsoft stank when blaming oems for not buying into their Tiles8 propaganda.

Also you say you are bored of reading my replies, yet you read them and reply to them even when im clearly not talking to you at all, its very confusing for a person to be tired of reading someones posts but still read them and reply to them as if they were directed to that specific person when they clearly werent.

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