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Legendary: Yet again you seem to only prove that you base your entire opinion on Windows 8 on the fact that you've never used it. "Oh... i don't want to use it, especially when the market share is so low". How many f*cking copies of Windows 8 are you expecting them to sell worldwide instantaneously? Windows 7 was still below a 10% market share 6 months after it's release. Yes, Windows 7 has 44% market share... but i'd sure as hell HOPE it would after 3.25 years of being on the market. Probably the main reason Windows Vista's market share is so low at this point is because if i remember correctly, they also had a quite cheap upgrade offer for Windows 7 when it first came out. As far as i'm aware, Windows 7's market share didn't pass Windows XP's until this past August.

I'm really just getting bored with reading what you post. No interest in a Windows Phone 8 interface? I'm sorry.... but this doesn't look like any phone to me...

You say it's a Windows Phone 8 interface.... anyone looking to gather their own opinion through USE of the OS, says it's Windows with a full-screen start menu. You only have to see it as often as you use your standard Start Menu... which, i seriously don't see you clicking that every minute or two.

Compatibility issues? I'm sorry... i must have been distracted by my desktop running 24/7 without a single hiccup. And.... now that i think about it.... i don't recall having an issue with my Auzentech Prelude audio output dropping out after a pop and hiss fit ever since i started using Windows 8. Even if i had a movie paused in PowerDVD or Windows Media Center, and was watching a different video clip on Youtube or something like that, which almost ALWAYS resulted in me having to switch audio modes in the Auzentech Control Panel in order to get sound back.

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