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Originally Posted by dsbig View Post
ja I broke it many times. and the interface is ugly, even tried hacked themes, but still not as good as windows 7 interface.

I understand they wanted to make everything the same for tablet and pc, but they shouldnt have changed the interface.

what happened to asking people what they thought.

I actually cant decide which system I want to use, I go back and forth between windows 7 and windows 8.
Its really simple, if you cant make up your mind, stick with windows 7, it has far less compatibility issues and really 0 benefit from switching to windows 8, that includes the biased boot times and gaming performance.
I have bought win8 pro, havent used ever since i bought it as i already had experience with it and im by no means interested into a win phone 8 interface running on my x64 desktop with compatibility issues, i rather stick to a working proven OS, the good news for me as a programmer is that the adoption of windows 8 is so small that it wont matter if i skip it entirely, 2.26% is nothing compared to 44.48% of win7.
As for win8 beying the new win vista, thats a very good possibility as vista has a 5.24% userbase, which in other words means, it is more than twice as used as win8.

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