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It's not even really a matter of "after a while". Like i've been saying all this time... before Win8 was released, i usually installed the Consumer Preview's or the Developer Preview's and whatever they released... but that's about as far as it went... be it because i either didn't know how i felt with "Metro", or because i still had all my apps and stuff installed on a different partition with Windows 7. But once it was released, i kinda started thinking that i had a perfectly good copy of Windows Vista lying around not getting used, and said "what the hell" on the upgrade. Haven't looked back at Windows 7 since. Didn't even take a day to get used to "Metro". Actually.... can't even say that. Didn't even take a day to realize that whether you "Get used to it" or not, it's not something that i find myself using very frequently, if at all during a given day.
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