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Windows 8 #2
Don Altobello
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Last thread now too big:

Originally Posted by snowdweller View Post
Hey guys!

Just installed windows 8 DP and gotta say pretty impressed!

Just thought i'd start a thread if anyone else has it also tho share your thoughts.

First impressions:

1. No option to change metro start button. Had to download Blue Poison and "hack" it to get my start menu back.

2. Log in requires a password associated to your email. (possibly another method but was rushing the install didn't actually check). Had to google how to remove password as User account wouldn't let me.

3. Games are very tempremental! half of them CTD with no warning. Others jsut refuse to open. Others look like AA isn't working at all so alot of work in that department. (thankgod for 2 comps)

Also apparently Beta is coming Feb
Start again here.
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