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Hi all.

@ GameGuy
Hi, how you been? THANK YOU! and no problem man, i hope you enjoy it . I love Dead Space games and waiting for DS 3 like crazy.

@ Gembel
Hi, how you been? THANK YOU! too man, greetings .

@ Mr.Bigtime
Hi, its still W.I.P. i will release when i finish it wait some more please, thanks.

@ kaneos
Hi, THANK YOU! too and no problem. About SweetFX 2.0 alpha try this: .
Remember use the FXAA dlls that comes with it. Thanks again and greetings.

@ gridiron whirlw
Hi, how you been? THANK YOU!, first time im playing the game because one friend recommeded it to me and so far i like it, good graphics, have nice humor, sound and more. I like the combats for now, you can play with 2 NPCs that for every chapter or mision you can select them to be your squad, also you can level up your weapons and characters with some kind of skill trees? to level up somethings like armor, enhanced health regen and more. Control similar to that king of game, almost all is done with space bar, it uses voice commands, you can use mic and give orders to your team, all is about decitions you take i guess because all the time your squad ask / comment you things and depending of how you answer they deicide to trust you or not, if they trust you they fallow your orders in combat, if they dont trust you , they dont fallow you and if they die then you lose, you need to protect them and do things to make you gain some respect. Each memember of your Squad have their own unique habilities that you can take advantage in any moment of the combats. If you ask me what i dont like , until now so far the control in special when you run because you run holding Spacebar and with it you can take cover to any wall,etc haha so if you re running and pass close to one then your character can take cover it and you can imaginate the rest, also friendly fire is activated all the time so be careful when you shoot, throw granades you can hurt / kill your squad and game end if they die or if you lose.

Thank you all again really and i was fallowing your screenshots on the other Thread, its very inspiring and too bad with my hardware im limited, thats why i didnt deicided yet to play Far Cry 3, i guess its good right?
Sorry for bad english.