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Videocard: GTX680
Processor: i5 2500
PSU: 450W
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Hello Everyone!

You need to take my word. I'm from the dev team that made catzilla. If you have some questions about it's internals then go ahead and ask. We are currently doing some heavy testing and we are still fixing a lot of bugs that started to pop.

First of all. In a couple of hours you won't be able to submit scores on that version of BETA hosted here. Everyone who registered on our site will be informed about new download link for new BETA.

Second, we are sorry, that someone from ORB team has opened the payments tab for a moment, there were 10 people that bought catzilla already . Sorry for that inconveniance - you probably already got informed via email, that we will be sending your money back.

I would like to encourage you boys & girls for submitting the results to our page. Because of that we can see what reading are incorrect and we will fix them. Currently the CPU clocks are just HFM, but from new version we will take measurements during heavy loads, so this should result in proper overclocked values.

Also we store info about SLI & crossfire on the server already but we don't display them on he results page. You can view them by checking system configuration in each users tab.

We are not quite sure about NVIDIA clocks thou. AMD GPUs should have correct clocks. If you could please send resulltts especially for low end systems like old XP machines, Vista netbooks and especially 32 bit systems then it would really help us.

Don't worry we just send HW info to server and results. We install a kernel driver during installation process to have proper HW info. it's just done once and requires admin rights. 3d mark does similar thing.

As for common questions regarding PhysX. We just use CPU version. Spending GPU time on physX is a waste when you have fast CPUs.

Thanks a lot for your tests!

Michal 'bonzaj^plastic' Staniszewski
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