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AIGHT. Here is a comparison that goes through a ton of different AA combinations. Note that the framerate loss with FXAA is exaggerated by the fact that I go from PostFX low to PostFX ultra, which also enables depth of field and SSAO. I just wanted a simple comparison so I didn't disable those for this... but they can be disabled rather easily.

1080p w/ no anti-aliasing
1080p w/ 2xMSAA
1080p w/ 4xMSAA
1080p w/ 8xMSAA
1080p w/ 8xMSAA + FXAA (ultra PostFX)
1080p w/ 8xMSAA + FXAA (ultra PostFX) + alpha to coverage (enhanced)

"Alpha to Coverage" blurs foliage a LOT.... but removes aliasing, so... there you go.

2160p w/ no anti-aliasing
2160p w/ 2xMSAA
2160p w/ 4xMSAA
2160p w/ 2xMSAA + FXAA (ultra PostFX)
2160p w/ 4xMSAA + FXAA (ultra PostFX)

My FPS is capped at 120 FPS... which is why there is no FPS loss from no AA - 4x MSAA

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