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Just checked the latest changes in hardware database, added from MSI side to 2.3.0 distributive and I'm afraid that I've got bad news for those who own reference design 7970 GHz Edition cards.
The database defines any 7970 GHz Edition card as MSI custom design 7970 Lightning Boost Edition card, which means that Afterburner will search for Lightning specific voltage controller on any reference design 7970 GHz Edition card. As a result, voltage control will be available on true 7970 Lightning Boost Edition cards only.
I'm not sure if it is a typo or not. These changes make sense only if MSI ships 7970 Lightning Boost Edition cards with reference 7970 GHz Edition BIOS, but in this case voltage control for reference 7970 GHz Edition won't work in Afterburner at all.
I'll ask MSI to clarify those changes inside the database.
Small workaround: happily starting from this version the databases for reference design cards and custom desigh cards are stored in different files. So it is enough to delete MSIAfterburner.oem file to get rid of all custom MSI cards support including 7970 Lightning Boost Edition.

Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator
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