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Originally Posted by vis View Post
Awesome tool.

I do have two questions:

Can it be made to work with the overlay for evga precision? It "works" but the OSD for precision won't display.

Second, has anyone had luck getting it to work with Torchlight2? From the log files, it initiates but there's no difference on screen.
1) Evga Precision and MSI Afterburner are very similar if I'm not mistaken.
Try to see if the advice for MSI Afterburner (in the SweetFX readme) will work for Evga Precision.

EDIT : .. what BetA said.

2) If it initiates but there is no difference then it usually a compability problem with the in-game anti-aliasing.

Try switching that off or to another mode and make sure you are not forcing AA on with the graphics driver or a third-party program.

On nvidia cards compability bits may also allow you to still use in-game anti-aliasing.

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