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Originally Posted by Burnt_Ram View Post
do overlays work with sweetFX, such as evga precision osc? i know it doesn't work for the smaa injector, and would love to use a tool such as this but i NEED my on screen display to work
Originally Posted by vis View Post
Awesome tool.

I do have two questions:

Can it be made to work with the overlay for evga precision? It "works" but the OSD for precision won't display.

Second, has anyone had luck getting it to work with Torchlight2? From the log files, it initiates but there's no difference on screen.

Hy there..

Of course it can be made, you just have to adjust some settings..
Should be the same with EVGA Presicion..

1. Go to the RTSS icon in teh Taskbar and right klick it --> SHOW

2. In there You add the Game via the + symbol in the lower left corner..After that mark it and go to the Wrench symbol..see here:

After that the window with the settings should pop open.
Now u just have to do what is marked in the screen..enable the combability mode for d3dbla bla dll...

save it and you are good to go..

I hope that helps a bit



@ vis

It works in torchlight here..see comparsion here:

No SweetFX:

With SweetFX:

just drop the sweetfx files into the torchlight 2 install folder where the Torchlight2.exe is..

If u compare screenshots made form afterburner and see no difference in them, thats because afterburner cant pic that up somehow..u can use FRAPS, it does pic sweetfx shader up, so u can see it in teh screens..i used fraps for them..


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