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Roadmap and Screenshots
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Default Roadmap and Screenshots - 09-23-2012, 19:49 | posts: 686 | Location: Denmark


Next version:
  • Hotkeyed presets (hopefully - I keep pushing this back because more interesting stuff grabs my attention).
  • Subpixel dithering
  • CRT-like patterns - Scanlines and/or shadow mask - look
  • Ability to set the Vignette width/height ratio
  • More S-curve formulas

Near Future:
  • Different simple ways of adjusting the color of a scene. I'm thinking White balance correction and split toning.
  • White balance could be used to remove an overall tint to the scene - which should make at least Battlefield 3 gamers happy (the game has a very apparent blue tint) , though the defog feature in the current tonemap shader could also be used to the same effect and I think the Lift-Gamma-Gain shader could also be used for that.

  • Advanced color grading .. I'm looking into way to adjust the colors using splines, but currently it looks like it would run quite slow and be hard to understand and tweak for most users. The easy and fast way to do color grading would be to load a texture and use it as lookup table which is what ENBseries does, but since the InjectSMAA injector does not allow me to do that, I'm forced to look at other options.
  • A better faster bloom shader.
  • I'm also hoping to improve LumaSharpen by using a curve function to determine the sharpening strength and I also want to try out sharpening against the median instead of the average of the surrounding pixels, to hopefully avoid sharpening noise and lessen sharpening greatly on harsh edges, such as the ones that SMAA antialiases - hopefully this will make LumaSharpen stop messing with the smoothness of the anti-aliased lines.

Promotional Screenshots (by Jim2point0 aka NeoEnigma):
(Click for larger images.)

Borderlands 2:


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