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Good news everyone!

Here is SweetFX 1.0

  • DirectX10/11 support! (SMAA can't be switched off yet in the DX10/11 version)
    Like with InjectSMAAmod (which SweetFX can now completely replace) you do not need to decide what version you need to use. Just copy all the files into the game folder and the game will load the correct one.
  • Changes and improvements to the Sepia, Tonemap and Vignette shaders.
  • Tweaks to the default settings of SMAA, HDR, Sepia, Tonemap and Vignette.
  • New setting for Vignette - VignetteSlope. It determines the distance from the center to when the vignette starts fading to black. You need to balance the VignetteRadius setting with this setting. Typically when you increase VignetteSlope you need to decrease VignetteRadius.
  • New shader effect - Vibrance. It should work like Digital Vibrance in your drivers settings and increase the saturation more for colors that are weak and less for colors that are already strong. It needs more work though. Currently I think it increases saturation for weak colors and decreases it for strong colors. It's still a nice effect - it's just not what I was trying to achieve. Bug or feature? - you decide.
  • Different keymapping. INSERT now toggles SweetFX ON and OFF and DELETE reloads the shader files. Using the pause button was annoying in some games because it also paused the game - Insert should not do that. Few games use the Insert button so I doub't it will cause any conflicts.
    Using delete to reload the shader files is very useful when tweaking a game running in windowed mode. It makes tweaking much easier. I've updated the tweaking instructions in the SweetFX_readme with a new guide on how to easily tweak your settings.
    The injector.ini file now also includes a link to a webpage listing all the keycodes so you don't have to guess should you wish to remap your keys.

Shortcomings of SweetFX 1.0:
  • SMAA can't be turned off in DX10/11 (most people will want this on, so it's not a big problem)
  • LumaSharpen still sharpens the anti-aliased edges. Edges are still smoother than without anti-aliasing but if you want absolutely smooth edges try turning LumaSharpen off. I hope to fix this soonish but no promises - It'll be done when it's done.
  • The new Vibrance effect doesn't work quite as intended.
  • I haven't had time to try and optimize the shaders for speed, but now that most things more or less work I might take some time to do that. Again no promises.

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