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Videocard: Zotac Omega 980Ti 1.46GHz
Processor: i7-4770K 4.7GHz|NB 4.3GHz
Mainboard: ASUS Z87 Deluxe
Memory: G.skill 16GB CL10 2.4GHz
Soundcard: X-Fi Titanium HD @Bose A5
PSU: 650W [52A]
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Originally Posted by Mufflore View Post
ASIO4ALL did under 5ms with an E8400, your CPU might just do it.
You're missing the point, HW is still HW. And speaking of ASIO4AL, I had some sound distortion (crackle, pops, robotic sounds), idk it was probably program compatibility issue,.. lol I removed that turd and stayed at HW ASIO2.0 ever since

Anyway, yes i know these mainstream cards aren't really meant for ultra professional audio production, but still it can be handy
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