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Originally Posted by Radical_53 View Post
Graphics are absolutely fine and gameplay has always been top-notch, at least the Treyarch package (and MW1 ).
They'll have a new engine for sure when the next Xbox comes out. Until then a tweakable, stable engine with ranked dedicated servers is absolutely fine.
It's the gameplay that counts and they definitely got that right. MW3 lacks some decent-sized maps but BO is a great title.

I could not disagree more with everything you've stated.

Personally, I've not really enjoyed any CoD game (aside from the first level of the Russian campaign in CoD:FH when I was still playing console nonsense on the original Xbox as a kid with poor-taste). The gameplay is pure garbage, IMO, and the graphics are AWFUL. And the continual shafting of PC-gaming strengthens my resolve to not buy Activision crap.

Best thing ever would be if the entire franchise imploded and Activision died.

Sadly not going to happen, however.

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