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Originally Posted by Sv0r View Post
Please don't. COD franchise die already!

Either use next-gen engine or gtfo
I agree, either COD franchise needs to die, or they need to bring something new to the table, having the same game every year since 2007, which each one has less desirable features then COD4, is getting out of hand and ridiculous

And honestly, the only thing i can think of, is a brand new, built from scratch, engine

Originally Posted by Radical_53 View Post
Graphics are absolutely fine and gameplay has always been top-notch, at least the Treyarch package (and MW1 ).
They'll have a new engine for sure when the next Xbox comes out. Until then a tweakable, stable engine with ranked dedicated servers is absolutely fine.
It's the gameplay that counts and they definitely got that right. MW3 lacks some decent-sized maps but BO is a great title.
Your statement would be all fine and dandy, only problem is, we're being fed the same crap every year and being charged an enormous regurgitated price for it

COD4 was the best, why? Dedicated servers, custom maps, mods, tweaks, small mods (server side) etc. etc. etc., without all of that, SOMETHING else has to change, and since Activision has no interest in letting the PC platform be able to mod and make custom maps, an engine change not dependent on the next gen consoles is what is required

What activision is doing with the COD franchise is like a car company releasing a brand new vehicle every single year with nothing new but a new paint job and touting it as if it's biggest thing to be released since ever and expecting everyone to go buy the current years model even if they already have the model from 4 years ago with a different paint job

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