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Originally Posted by Chillin View Post
Not the best tech demo to show off a DX11 GPU.
you have not make it run... lol, there's some impressive light and shadows.
Well the demo is what it is, but PRT, Ptex (maybe not on this version, a second is coming ), Forward render, shader light culling. etc etc..

Surely the demo will have been better with Ruby completely naked, but well.

(allready posted here in ATI forums, thanks to him )

Anandtech take in deep how work the new features showed in AMD tech demo Leo ..
(edit hum, link broken for now... )

I invit you ofc to read the main article, as i just quote a little part of it.
.... what if there was a way to have a forward renderer with performance similar to that of a deferred renderer? Thatís what AMD is proposing with one of their key tech demos for the 7000 series: Leo. Leo showcases AMDís solution to the forward rendering lighting performance problem, which is to use a compute shader to implement light culling such that the compute shader identifies the tiles that any specific light will hit ahead of time, and then using that information only the relevant lights are computed on any given tile. The overhead for lighting is still greater than pure deferred rendering (thereís still some unnecessary lighting going on), but as proposed by AMD, it should make complex lighting cheap enough that it can be done in a forward renderer.

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